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Video: VA Senate Republican Leader Tommy Norment Says There’s NO Appetite for Youngkin’s Corporate Tax Cut


From DPVA:

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Leading Republican Says There’s no Appetite for Youngkin’s Corporate Tax Cut

RICHMOND, VA – Governor Youngkin’s plan to award tax breaks to the richest Virginians and massive corporations, which is already facing an uphill battle in the General Assembly, isn’t even wanted by the business community , according to GOP State Senator Tommy Norment.

In an interview with WFXR News, the Republican Minority Leader Senator Tommy Norment said:

“The corporate tax [cut] is going to be more challenging and there hasn’t really been a groundswelling (sic) from the business and corporate community of Virginia to do that since the bill’s been introduced.”

This lackluster show of support from the Governor’s own party comes at a time when the Youngkin administration is already scrambling to find $201 million to cover a disastrous budgetary shortfall in K-12 school funding, caused by the Youngkin administration’s own incompetence.

“With the Youngkin administration’s most recent display of incompetence costing local K-12 schools $201 million, it’s even more reckless for Governor Youngkin to continue pursuing these corporate tax cuts that no one – not the Virginia business community or even his own party – actually wants,” said Liam Watson, the Press Secretary for the Democratic Party of Virginia.


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