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Del. Elizabeth Guzman for State Senate Campaign Releases Video “Toughest Fights”

Del. Guzman is running in this "blue," diverse district in Prince William/Stafford against incumbent VA Sen. Jeremy McPike


The following ad and press release is from Del. Elizabeth Guzman’s State Senate campaign. This district, the newly drawn SD29, is comprised of parts of Prince William County (90.2%) and Stafford County (9.8%), is strongly “blue” (Terry McAuliffe won it by 12+ points in 2021; Ralph Northam won it by 21+ points in 2017) and highly diverse (42% White, 25% Hispanic/Latino, 22% Black, etc.). Del. Guzman is running in the Democratic primary against incumbent State Senator Jeremy McPike. This video stresses Guzman’s immigrant background, [coming] to this country as a single mother with $300 in my pocket…work[ing] three jobs,” and argues, “That is why I’ve taken on the toughest fights.”

Watch “Toughest Fights” HERE 

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. – Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, who is running for State Senate in the new District 29, today released her campaign video “Toughest Fights.”

“Representation matters, and no one will fight for our communities like someone who has lived the struggle,” said Guzman’s campaign manager Jasmine Jones. “That’s why Elizabeth took on the toughest fights in the House, and she’s ready to do it in the Senate. Elizabeth has spent the last six years fighting for us because she is one of us, and we’re thrilled that this new ad captures her commitment to women, workers, and communities of color.”

Guzman enters the race with a 4-1 advantage, according to a poll from PPP. She has secured endorsements from Care in Action, Juntos Por Virginia, Virginia NOW, AFSCME District Council 20, Teamsters Local 639, SMART Transportation Division, ATU Local 689, and the Eastern Atlantic State Regional Council of Carpenters.

“Toughest Fights”, which is narrated by Guzman, can be viewed on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE. A transcript of the ad is below:

I am Delegate Elizabeth Guzman.

I came to this country as a single mother with $300 in my pocket.

I worked three jobs. No one had to tell me the struggle. I lived it.

That is why I’ve taken on the toughest fights:

[Clips from speeches]

… to have the minimum wage increase

… Black lives matter, and so do Black livelihoods

… To those who are blocking the Equal Rights Amendment: Go home, and explain this to your daughters.

In the House of Delegates, I led the fight for paid sick leave, workers’ rights, and public education.

I’ve put wins on the Board in the House, and I am ready to do it in the Senate.

We need more women in the Senate to protect abortion rights and to keep our children safe from guns.

Whether you are in Stafford, Dale City, Dumfries, Triangle, Nokesville, Manassas or Quantico, I will show up and fight for you.


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