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Final Results from the Fairfax County Democrats “Pick Your Pony” Straw Poll

Results for Sheriff, Commonwealth's Attorney, Board of Supervisors, School Board, House of Delegates, State Senate...


See here and below for results for this afternoon’s Fairfax  County Democratic Committee “Pick Your Pony Straw Poll” results for a bunch of races (straw poll winners are bolded in blue)

  • Sheriff (incumbent Stacey Kincaid vs. Kelvin Garcia)
  • Commonwealth’s Attorney (incumbent Steve Descano vs. Ed Nuttall)
  • State Senate district 33 (Hala Ayala vs. Jennifer Carroll Foy)
  • State Senate district 35 (Sen. Dave Marsden vs. Heidi Drauschak)
  • State Senate district 36 (Sen. George Barker vs. Stella Pekarsky)
  • State Senate district 37 (Sen. Chap Petersen vs. Erika Yalowitz and Saddam Salim)
  • House of Delegates district 7 (Shyamali Hauth vs. Karen Keys-Gamarra vs. Paul Berry vs. John Farrell vs. Mary Barthelson)
  • House of Delegate district 13 (Del. Kaye Kory vs. Del. Marcus Simon)
  • House of Delegates district 15 (Laura Jane Cohen vs. Henri Thompson vs. Eric Schmidt)
  • House of Delegates district 19 (Makya Little vs. Rozia Henson vs. Natalie Shorter)
  • Mason District Supervisor (Andres Jimenez vs. Steve Lee vs. Jeremy Allen vs. Reid Voss)
  • Mt. Vernon District Supervisor (incumbent Dan Storck vs. Maritza Zermeno)
  • Springfield District Supervisor (Albert Vega vs. John Nowadly)
  • School Board At-Large (incumbent Abrar Omeish vs. Ilryong Moon vs. Kyle McDaniel vs. Hamid Munir vs. J. Chris Lewis vs. Lawrence Webb)
  • School Board, Hunter Mill district (incumbent Melanie Meren vs. Paul Thomas)
  • School Board, Franconia district (Marcia St. John-Cunning vs. Mark Tenney)
  • School Board, Mt. Vernon district (Mateo Dunne vs. Harold Sims)


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