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Video: Sen. Mark Warner Comments on Silicon Valley Bank Collapse and How Tightly Mid-Sized Banks Should Be Regulated; Says TikTok “Absolutely” Should Be Banned


See below for video of Sen. Mark Warner speaking on ABC’s “This Week” this morning, in which he commented on the Silicon Valley Bank collapse (“The shareholders in the bank are going to lose their money, let’s be clear about that. But the depositors can be taken care of.”; whether TikTok should be banned (“Absolutely…TikTok can be used as a propaganda mechanism for the Community Party of China. That, I believe, is a national security concern.”); the U.S.-China relationship (“National security is not simply about guns and ships and tanks anymore. It’s about technology competition.”); and whether “he regrets voting for Trump-era bill that rolled back some rules” (he doesn’t regret that vote, but I’d argue he probably was wrong on that one…).


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