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Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney Candidate Ed Nuttall Silent As His Supporters Spew Antisemitism


by Cindy

We all know by now that “neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” So in this moment in history, when antisemitic hate crimes rose 20% from 2020 to 2021, we expect to hear people speak out against antisemitic tropes–in particular, we expect to hear people running for office as Democrats speak out.

When someone running for the Democratic nomination for an elected office has supporters who spew antisemitic tropes such as referring to Soros as “George `Satan’ Soros” and a “globalist bad actor,” and references the “Great Reset,” and “WEC agendas” (I assume this meant the WEF – World Economic Forum) on his campaign Facebook page, we expect that candidate to speak out, to tell their supporters that this is not okay, that they do not condone antisemitic slurs. Not to just thank the antisemites for their donations, and encourage them to share information about the campaign with their community, as Ed Nuttall–who is running in the Democratic primary for the Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney office–did. (Let’s be real, the antisemitic supporters are undoubtedly Republicans, and Nuttall undoubtedly knows they are, and is actively courting their support and their votes in this Democratic primary.)

It’s bad enough Nuttall totally agrees with the Fairfax crime fear-mongering in these Facebook replies on his page, saying it is “exactly right” that Fairfax has become “dangerous” under incumbent Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano’s watch (despite Fairfax not being anywhere in the top of the list of most dangerous places in Virginia) and that he is a “clear and present danger to Northern VA.” He then goes on to be absolutely silent to the blatant antisemitism in the replies.

This is totally unacceptable silence from anyone, and especially from someone who is running for the Democratic nomination for an office.


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