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VA House Dems Leader Don Scott Rips Rep. Jen Kiggans (R-VA02) for Voting “against her constituents,” “to deny resources to hardworking Virginians”


Excellent Twitter thread by VA House Dems Leader Don Scott, in response to Dana Milbank’s piece, “House Republicans walk the plank,” in the WaPo. As Milbank wrote:

Jen Kiggans had the haunted look of a woman about to walk the plank.

The first-term Republican from Virginia barely took her eyes off her text Wednesday as she read it aloud on the House floor. She tripped over words and used her fingers to keep her place on the page.

The anxiety was understandable. Like about 30 other House Republicans from vulnerable districts, she was about to vote in favor of the GOP’s plan to force spending cuts of about $4.8 trillion as the ransom to be paid for avoiding a default on the federal debt.

So, according to Leader Scott, the speech by Rep. Kiggans (R-VA02) was “hypocritical” and her vote was “to deny resources to hardworking Virginians.” And yes, “Kiggans tried justifying her vote, saying the bill wasn’t the final product and it would lead to negotiations…But the record is clear: she voted against her constituents.” So in November 2024, let’s hope VA02 voters do just that – VOTE KIGGANS OUT!

P.S. And yes, this was one of the biggest downgrades in Congressional representation ever, from the superb Elaine Luria to the godawful Jen Kiggans)


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