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10,682 Early Votes Cast So Far in Dem VA Senate Primaries; Hottest Races Are Joe Morrissey vs. Lashrecse Aird, Creigh Deeds vs. Sally Hudson, Louise Lucas vs. Lionell Spruill…

Just 4,007 votes cast in Republican Senate primaries so far...


According to VPAP, per data from the Virginia Department of Elections, see below for early voting numbers in the 2023 Virginia State Senate primaries.

  • So far, there have been 10,682 votes cast in Democratic Senate primaries, compared to just 4,007 votes cast in Republican Senate primaries.
  • The hottest races so far are SD13 (1,443 votes; Sen. Joe Morrissey vs. former Del. Lashrecse Aird); SD11 (1,344 votes; Sen. Creigh Deeds vs. Del. Sally Hudson); SD18 (1,253 votes; Sen. Louise Lucas vs. Sen. Lionell Spruill); SD12 (976 votes; Sen. Amanda Chase vs. former Sen. Glen Sturtevant vs. Tina Ramirez); SD04 (947 votes; DA Pierce vs. Luke Priddy vs. Trish White-Boyd); SD21 (920 votes; Norfolk Councilwoman Andria McClellan vs. Del. Angelia Williams Graves); SD40 (790 votes; Sen. Barbara Favola vs. James DeVita); SD27 (721 votes; Tara Durant vs. Matt Strickland); SD27 (700 votes; Ben Litchfield vs. Joel Griffin)

P.S. I’m told that Fairfax only has three in-person early sites right now (more will open later) and has counted next to no mail votes. This would help explain why there are so few early votes in those major Fairfax Democratic Senate primaries.



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