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Glenn Youngkin, aka “Hamlet on the James River,” Continues His “To Run or Not to Run” Routine; Axios Reports He’s “reconsidering a bid for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination”


Of course, Axios is not exactly known for accurate reporting –  last September, they outright (and wildly) lied, that Youngkin supposedly was “bypassing MAGA-oriented gubernatorial candidates in favor of pragmatists running tough races in blue states” – but if you believe them at all, then this “scoop” of theirs seems interesting.

“Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is reconsidering a bid for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, after earlier taking himself out of the race as polls made former President Trump look increasingly formidable, top Republican sources tell Axios.

…Some powerful GOP donors, who won’t support Trump but are beginning to be concerned about DeSantis, are encouraging Youngkin to jump into the 2024 field.

…A top Virginia GOP strategist told Axios there are ‘serious discussions happening on re-engaging in the presidential’ race.

…an announcement about a presidential race is likely to wait until right after that, Republican sources said.”

So, what will “Hamlet on the James River” decide? Clearly, he WANTS to be president, and his ego’s obviously big enough to actually think he’d be good at it, despite demonstrating zero evidence of governing ability in Virginia over the past 17 months or so. And the guy’s certainly got the money to do it. The big question, I guess, is whether Trump stumbles at all, or whether he looks unbeatable by the “cast of thousands” running against him. Speaking of which, would Youngkin actually be comfortable being in that “cast of thousands?” Hard to believe, but stay tuned I guess…as “Hamlet on the James River” continues his “to run or not to run” routine.


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