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BREAKING: Ilryong Moon, Ryan McElveen, Kyle McDaniel Win Fairfax Dems’ Endorsements for School Board At-Large Positions


Over the past week, Fairfax Democrats have been busy voting in their School Board endorsement process (see here for Blue Virginia’s endorsements of at-large candidates Ryan McElveen, Kyle McDaniel and Lawrence Webb), with the end of voting at 4:30 pm today. And the results are as follows:

At-Large winners (top 3): Former School Board member Ilryong Moon, former School Board member Ryan McElveen, Kyle McDaniel (followed by Lawrence Webb and Hamid Munir)

Mt. Vernon winner: Mateo Dunne (defeating Harold Sims)

Hunter Mill winner: Incumbent School Board member Melanie Meren (defeating Paul Thomas)

Here’s the Fairfax Dems’ press release with the official results:

FCDC Announces 2023 Endorsement Caucus Results

FAIRFAX COUNTY – Concluding May 20th, the Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) has administered a first-of-its-kind endorsement caucus to select its endorsees for the Fairfax County School Board. For the first time since FCDC started endorsing candidates in 1995, non-member Democratic voters were able to help make our endorsement decision. During the caucus, we saw more than 3,300 voters throughout Fairfax County join us in choosing a slate of candidates who will be prepared to return a Democratic majority to the School Board this November.

Regarding the endorsement caucus, FCDC Chair Bryan Graham states “We thank everyone who voted in the endorsement caucus this year. Public education is vitally important to the families of Fairfax County and to the businesses that choose to locate here. We are excited to see our endorsees deliver a strong message and affirmative vision to voters throughout the summer and into the fall.”

The Democratic endorsed candidates for Fairfax County School Board are:

  • School Board
    • At-Large: Ilryong Moon, Ryan McElveen, Kyle McDaniel
    • Hunter Mill District: Melanie Meren
    • Mt. Vernon District: Mateo Dunne

The following candidates were not contested, and will be our endorsees in the fall:

  • School Board:
    • Braddock District: Rachna Sizemore Heizer
    • Dranesville District: Robyn Lady
    • Franconia District: Marcia St. John-Cunning
    • Mason District: Ricardy Anderson
    • Providence District: Karl Frisch
    • Springfield District: Sandy Anderson
    • Sully District: Seema Dixit
  • Soil and Water: Dana Barakat, Rhonda Bitterli, Chris Koerner

Voting for the endorsement caucus has occurred from May 13th until May 20th both in-person and online. Of the voters signed up to vote in this process, more than 77% completed their ballots. Candidates for school board will be on the ballot for the November 2023 election. For results of each race, please visit fairfaxdemocrats.org/2023endorsement

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More detailed results


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