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Video: Two-Time Trump Virginia Chair and Former Republican Delegate Heap Praise on “Pro-Business”/Not “Woke Super-Liberals” Joe Morrissey, Chap Petersen, George Barker, etc; Attack Dem Challengers as “Nutball Communists”

These MAGA Rs specifically encourage Republicans to vote in the Dem primary on 6/20 for Joe Morrissey over Lashrecse Aird...


It can be painful, but sometimes it’s really worthwhile to see how the “other side” (politically speaking) is thinking. For instance, on Saturday, two-time Trump Virginia Chair/right-wing radio host John Fredericks and Republican Chris Saxman (a former delegate who runs a conservative, pro-business group called “Virginia FREE”), while covering the SD10 Republican convention, spent a lot of time talking about various 6/20 primaries, both Democratic and Republican.

For instance: see below for two video clips, in which they talk about 1) the SD13 Democratic primary between incumbent Sen. Joe Morrissey and challenger Lashrecse Aird; and 2) several key northern Virginia Democratic State Senate primaries (SD29 – Sen. Jeremy McPike vs. Del. Elizabeth Guzman; SD35 – Sen. Dave Marsden vs. Heidi Drauschak; SD36  – Sen. George Barker vs. Stella Pekarsky; SD37 – Sen. Chap Petersen vs. Saddam Salim). I’d argue it’s quite revealing to hear their thoughts, from a right-wing/MAGA perspective, about our party and our candidates. See what you think.

  • First, here are former Trump Virginia Chair John Fredericks and conservative Republican Chris Saxman heaping praise on Sen. Joe Morrissey and attacking his Democratic challenger, Lashrecse Aird, as a “Communist” (note: this is a flat-out lie; Aird is a normal Democrat). According to Saxman and Fredericks, “Joe’s better on life issues and school choice…and business issues…and oh yeah, energy too.” Saxman and Fredericks then strongly encourage Republicans to come out on 6/20 and vote for John Morrissey (“pro-business, pro-energy, pro-life”) against Lashrecse Aird (“a Communist funded by the extreme left-wing radicals all over the country”). Having said that, they do also note that many Democratic women are strongly opposing Morrissey, that “Joe’s gotta overcome Joe,” that he’s got issues with his “personal life,” etc. Interesting…

  • Next, check out the following video, in which Saxman and Fredericks talk about five Democratic State Senate primaries in NoVA they’re paying attention to, claiming that the results “will show you the direction of the Democratic Party in Virginia…because heretofore in Northern Virginia the Democrats have been relatively moderate.” Now, supposedly, all of the Democratic Senate incumbents in these races – George Barker (who’s being challenged by Fairfax County School Board member Stella Pekarsky), Dave Marsden (who’s being challenged by Heidi Drauschak), Chap Petersen (who’s being challenged by Saddam Salim), Jeremy McPike (who’s being challenged by Elizabeth Guzman) and also Hala Ayala vs. Jennifer Carroll Foy (they apparently lump Carroll Foy the “Communist” category) – are “being challenged from the hard left”/”nutball Communists.” According to Saxman, if these races go “hard left,” it’s a “bellwether” for the national situation, supposedly providing a signal as to whether President Joe Biden might be vulnerable to a challenge from Robert Kennedy Jr. (lol, wuuuut?!? that is NOT happening, nor is RFK Jr. even running to Biden’s “left!”), etc. According to Fredericks and Saxman, none of the incumbents in these VA Senate Democratic primaries are “woke super-liberals,” but instead are “pro-business” (Chap Petersen was even endorsed by Saxman’s conservative pro-business group, “Virginia FREE”)

Of course, none of this makes literally ANY sense whatsoever, but it’s a fascinating glimpse into the “thinking” of the far-right echo chamber, aka bizarro world. Also, obviously, don’t ever do what a Trump Republican thinks Democrats should do; if anything, do the *EXACT OPPOSITE* of anything they recommend. Keep that in mind as you vote in Democratic primaries between now and 6/20!


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