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Comparing Blue Virginia’s House of Delegates, State Senate Democratic Primary Ratings to Elections Daily’s. Polls Open Tomorrow at 6 am!

The ratings are mostly similar, although there *are* a few significant differences (e.g., SD11, SD21, SD29, HD96)


Over the weekend, I posted Blue Virginia’s ratings/thoughts for tomorrow’s Democratic primaries for the State Senate and for House of Delegates. Now, Elections Daily is out with their ratings (by Republican Joe Szymanski), and I thought it would be interesting to compare/contrast with Blue Virginia’s.


  • SD04 (Roanoke Valley; Trish White-Boyd vs. Luke Priddy vs. DA Pierce) – Blue Virginia (BV): Leans White-Boyd; Elections Daily (ED): Lean White-Boyd
  • SD11 (Cville/Nelson/Amherst; Sen. Creigh Deeds vs. Del. Sally Hudson) – BV: Tossup; ED: Likely Deeds
  • SD13 (Henrico/Petersburg/Hopewell; Sen. Joe Morrissey vs. Del. Lashrecse Aird) – BV: Likely Aird; ED: Likely Aird
  • SD14 (Richmond/Henrico; Sen. Lamont Bagby vs. Katie Gooch) – BV: Sen. Bagby is very likely if not 100% certain to win this one; ED: Safe Bagby
  • SD18 (Chesapeake/Portsmouth; Sen. Louise Lucas vs. Sen. Lionell Spruill) – BV: Tossup; ED: Leans Spruill
  • SD21 (Norfolk; Del. Angelia Williams-Graves vs. Andria McClellan) – BV: Leans Williams-Graves; ED: Leans McClellan
  • SD27 (Fredericksburg area; Joel Griffin vs. Ben Litchfield) – BV: Leans or Likely Griffin; ED: Likely Griffin 
  • SD29 (Prince William/Stafford; Sen. Jeremy McPike vs. Del. Elizabeth Guzman) – BV: Tossup or even leans Guzman; ED: Likely McPike
  • SD31 (Loudoun/Fauquier; Russet Perry vs. Zach Cummings) – BV: Strongly leans Perry; ED: Safe Perry
  • SD32 (Loudoun; Del. Suhas Subramanyam vs. former Del. Ibraheem Samirah) – BV: Likely Subramanyam; ED: Safe Subramanyam
  • SD33 (Prince William/Fairfax; Former Del. Hala Ayala vs. former Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy) – BV: Likely Carroll Foy; ED: Lean Carroll Foy
  • SD35 (Fairfax; Sen. Dave Marsden vs. Heidi Drauschak) – BV: tossup or maybe even leans Drauschak; ED: Leans Drauschak
  • SD36 (Fairfax; Sen. George Barker vs. Stella Pekarsky)- BV: Leans Pekarsky; ED: Likely Pekarsky
  • SD37 (Fairfax/Falls Church; Sen. Chap Petersen vs. Saddam Salim)- BV: Leans Petersen; ED: Likely Petersen
  • SD40 (Arlington; Sen. Barbara Favola vs. James DeVita)- BV:100% safe for Favola; ED: Safe Favola


  • HD07 (Western Fairfax; Mary Barthelson vs. Paul Berry vs. Shyamali Hauth vs. Karen Keys-Gamarra) – BV: Leans Keys-Gamarra; ED: Leans Keys-Gamarra
  • HD15 (Fairfax; Laura Jane Cohen vs. Eric Schmidt vs. Henri Thompson) – BV: Very likely Cohen; ED: Likely Cohen
  • HD19 (Fairfax/Prince William; Rozia Henson vs. Makya Little vs. Natalie Shorter) – BV: Tossup; ED: Likely Little
  • HD26 (Loudoun; Kannan Srinivasan vs. Sirisha Kompalli) – BV: Very likely Srinivasan; ED: Safe Srinivasan
  • HD54 (Charlottesville; Bellamy Brown vs. Katrina Callsen vs. Dave Norris) – BV: Likely Callsen; ED: Leans Callsen
  • HD55 (Albemarle/Louisa/Fluvanna; Amy Laufer vs. Kellen Squire) – BV: Leans or Likely Laufer; ED: Leans Laufer
  • HD57 (Western Henrico; Susanna Gibson vs. Bob Shippee) – BV: Leans Gibson; ED: Leans Gibson 
  • HD79 (Richmond; Rae Cousins vs. Ann Lambert vs. Richard Walker) – BV: Likely Cousins; ED: Safe Cousins
  • HD80 (Henrico; Destiny Levere Bolling vs. John Dantzler) – BV: Likely Bolling; ED: Safe Bolling
  • HD81 (Eastern Henrico; Del. Delores McQuinn vs. Terrence Walker) – BV: Likely McQuinn; ED: Likely McQuinn
  • HD82 (Petersburg/Dinwiddie; Kimberly Pope Adams vs. Victor McKenzie) – BV: Leans McKenzie; ED: Likely McKenzie
  • HD84 (Suffolk/Isle of Wight; Nadarius Clark vs. Michele Joyce) – BV: Likely Clark; ED: Likely Clark
  • HD92 (Norfolk/Chesapeake; Bonita Anthony vs. Kim Sudderth) – BV: Leans  Sudderth; ED: Leans Sudderth 
  • HD95 (Virginia Beach/Norfolk; Alex Askew vs. Rick James) – BV: Very likely  Askew; ED: Safe Askew
  • HD96 (Virginia Beach; Del. Kelly Convirs-Fowler vs. Susan Hippen vs. Brandon Hutchins vs. Sean Monteiro) – BV: Tossup or *possibly* leans towards Convirs-Fowler; ED: Leans Hippen



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