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“There Are No Off Years”; “In Virginia, Fundamental Freedoms Are On the Ballot This November”

Now that the primaries are over, Hillary Clinton and the DLCC remind us that it's time to start focusing on November!


Those of us who already follow Virginia politics very closely already know this, but as Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee state (see below), “There Are No Off Years” and “In Virginia, Fundamental Freedoms Are On the Ballot This November.” For some key State Senate and House of Delegates races to focus your time, energy and $$$ on over the next few months, see here. In short:

  • In the State Senate, key districts are SD24 (+2.5 points Democratic), held by State Sen. Monty Mason (D), who’s facing right-wing Republican Danny Diggs this November; SD31 (+2.5 points Democratic), open seat…candidates are Russet Perry (D) vs. Juan Pablo Segura (R); SD17 (+2.1 points Republican), candidates are Clint Jenkins (D) vs. Emily Brewer (R); SD27 (+3.2 points Republican), candidates are Joel Griffin (D), Tara Durant (R) and Monica Gary (I); and SD30 (+5.0 points Democratic), candidates are Danica Roem (D) and Bill Woolf (R).
  • In the House of Delegates, key districts are HD82 (+0.5 points Republican), candidates are Kimberly Pope Adams (D) and Del. Kim Taylor (R); HD21 (+0.8 points Republican), candidates are Josh Thomas and John Stirrup; HD57 (+1.1 points Republican), candidates are Susanna Gibson (D) and David Owen (R); HD97 (+1.5 points Democratic), candidates are Michael Feggans (D) and Del. Karen Greenhalgh (R); HD65 (+3.0 points Democratic), candidates are Joshua Cole (D) and Lee Peters (R); HD22 (+4.9 points Republican), candidates are Travis Nembhard (D) and Ian Lovejoy (R); etc.

Now, let’s get to the work of safeguarding our fundamental freedoms and rights from the all-out assault by Glenn Youngkin and his extremist allies.


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