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ICYMI: VA Senate Dems Host 100-Days-Until-Election-Day Press Conference

"Abortion is on the ballot this fall"


From the VA Senate Democratic Caucus:


RICHMOND, VA – Today, Virginia Senate Democratic leaders and candidates held a press conference to discuss the importance of the upcoming election. Leaders expressed the importance of maintaining and expanding the Democratic majority as we are 100 days from the November 7th election.

The Senate’s Democratic incumbents and candidates centered around several key issues, which included but are not limited to economic growth, reproductive rights, increasing K-12 funding, and improving voting access for the people of the Commonwealth. The Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus has a clear plan to protect and expand the Democratic majority and has candidates across the Commonwealth who share the views of Virginians.

“The Senate majority has done a great deal of work for our Commonwealth, and we would like to continue that momentum in the upcoming year,” said Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Senator Mamie Locke. “We have a great diverse pool of candidates this election cycle who represent the people in their districts, and they also represent the values of others across the Commonwealth. The Senate majority has done a great deal of work for our Commonwealth, and we would like to continue that momentum in the upcoming year.”

“This 2023 session, every single member of the GOP House members voted to shorten the early voting period and ban absentee ballot drop boxes”, said Senator Aaron Rouse. “The GOP House majority also passed bills that would have reinstated a strict photo ID law, prohibited ballot drop boxes, to reduce early voting, ended same-day registration, canceled the annual vote by mail option and increased purges of voting rolls.”

“The governor believes that an arbitrary time limit set by politicians is somehow acceptable, and he has said that he would sign any kind of a ban that comes across his desk,” said Senator Jennifer Boysko. “Virginia is the last state in the Southern half of the United States that still has access. Between Virginia and New Mexico, almost every single state has put in abortion bans, and lawmakers have forced patients in those states to flee their homes to reach essential healthcare. We’re fighting to make sure that we’re protecting a person’s ability to make a decision for themselves.”

“Abortion is on the ballot this fall,” said Senate Democratic Nominee Russet Perry. “Last year, we saw Republicans attempt after attempt to enact extreme abortion bans that were defeated in the Senate, including a ban backed by Governor Youngkin. In fact, the last time Republicans had a majority in the Virginia Senate, they introduced the invasive transvaginal ultrasound bill. They have made clear that if they gain control again, taking away reproductive rights from Virginians is a top priority for them.”

“It’s about instituting programs that help people, students in particular, and those in the most need overcome because if we truly want to get our NAEP scores up and our literacy scores up, we need to get to the kids who most need it, said Delegate and Senate Democratic Nominee Schuyler VanValkenburg. We had a momentous opportunity to institute tutoring programs that would’ve gotten into schools and gotten to kids with the most need, but instead, we had a voucher program that was a giveaway to those that were the most wealthy. We really lost an opportunity with federal funds to really help a wide swath of children and a wide swath of parents.”

“There’s plenty of room for discussion, but what we have focused on the entire time since we left session is, we believe, even prior to the JLARC report coming out and making it super clear what we’ve known all along, but we have focused on putting our resources and our money towards education,” said Senator Monty Mason. “For right now, using the money we have to focus on funding education and in its critical places is what we’ve been focused on, what we will continue to focus on, and what we believe the people of Virginia want us to focus on.”

“People don’t want extremists who would give dangerous criminals access to high-capacity firearms without a background check,” said Delegate and Senate Democratic Nominee Clint Jenkins.  “They want common sense, safety legislation to keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers and violent criminals. This race is all about freedom. Democrats are running to give you the freedom from gun violence. Freedom from increased costs and low wages. And the freedom to pursue your dreams of economic security and prosperity right here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

“What is super important and very critical to the quality of life of residents here in Norfolk and across the Commonwealth is a safe community, said Delegate and Senate Democratic Nominee Angelia Williams Graves. “The reason I’m running for the Senate is to ensure that we expand that Blue wall, that we expand that majority, and we bring about common sense gun control and gun safety laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We should feel safe in our communities, we should feel safe in our own homes, we should feel safe when we go to work, and we certainly should feel safe when we send our children to school.”

“As with all Virginians, our constituents look towards a brighter future,” said Senate Democratic Nominee Natan McKenzie. “However, the governor and Republicans continue to cast a shadow on that future. That’s why we must rally around the Democrats in the Senate and in the House to ensure that our rights are protected and our future days are brighter.”

“There’s so much a stake in this election, as everyone has already alluded to, from abortion rights to making sure our public schools are fully funded,” said Senate Democratic Nominee Joel Griffin. “But I think the threat’s even greater. I think our democracy is at stake, and we’ve seen the extent the radical arm of the Republican party is willing to go to in order to undermine our process. ”

LINK TO RECORDING:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cp3X42Tn4M05cWlviztDje0mNuAIZofu/view?usp=share_link


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