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Rep. Jen Kiggans (R-VA02) to New York Times: Abortion is “Elective Surgery”

Democrats badly need to win back this seat next year!


From the DCCC:

Jen Kiggans to New York Times: Abortion is “Elective Surgery”

In case you missed it: Last week, freshman Rep. Jen Kiggans voted to restrict reproductive health care for servicemembers and military families. When asked about her vote by the New York Times, Kiggans derisively claimed that abortion is “elective surgery.”

The New York Times writes,

Ms. Kiggans and other similarly situated Republicans said they had no problem backing the abortion restriction or the bill itself, which emerged from the House loaded with other conservative policy dictates…”

Kiggans, who was endorsed by the SBA List, a fervently anti-abortion group that wants to “end abortion,” and has called abortion just a “shiny object,” broke her promise to the Virginians who helped elect her when she said abortion was a “state-level issue.” 

DCCC Spokesperson Justin Chermol:
“Jen Kiggans – who time after time told Virginians that attacks on her abortion record were dishonest – just made clear she has ‘no problem’ voting for federal abortion restrictions. Promises made, promises broken.”


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