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New Polling: Majority Wants Kids to Learn, Succeed, Be Safe From Gun Violence and Mass Shootings in School; Oppose MAGA GOP’s Education Agenda

This November in VIrginia, make sure you vote accordingly!


New polling from Navigator this morning finds that MAGA Republicans’ (including Virginia Republicans’) educational priorities – “banning books including about Anne Frank and MLK, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘1984’,” restricting the teaching of history, attacking public education/teachers, “inspecting the genitals of kids before they’re allowed to play on sports teams,” shifting money from public to private schools, “suing or suspending teachers if they support LGBTQ+ students,” etc. are NOT what people want – in most cases, by wide margins! Instead, what people want is:

“the majority identify two top priorities: ‘keeping them safe from gun violence and mass shootings in schools and other public places’ (58 percent) and ‘making sure they learn the things they need to know to be successful in school and life’ (55 percent).”

Also note that, unlike MAGA Republicans, “By a 30-point margin, most Americans have a favorable view of teachers unions (55 percent favorable – 25 percent unfavorable),” and that “the only group by partisanship and ideology who are net unfavorable toward teachers unions are Republicans who identify as being very conservative (net -40; 22 percent favorable – 62 percent unfavorable).” Hmmmm.

Anyway, check out the poll results, below, and vote accordingly in this November’s elections!


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