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Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA03) Slams House GOP Impeachment Sham That’s “based on nothing other than innuendo and unproven allegations”


From Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA03):

Scott Slams House GOP Impeachment Sham

September 13, 2023

Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Bobby Scott (VA-03) issued the following statement: 

“Last Congress, President Biden and Congressional Democrats enacted transformative legislation that responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and led to record job creation, historically low unemployment rates, a historic reduction in the deficit, and a steady decline in inflation. Since taking control of the House in January, the Republican Majority has not enacted any legislation to build on that progress. They have not enacted any legislation to lower inflation or reduce costs for American families, nor a single new law to further Democrats’ progress on lowering the cost of prescription drugs. Instead, they have used their time in the majority to obsessively investigate the former business dealings of Hunter Biden. Those investigations have not uncovered a single piece of evidence showing any wrongdoing on the part of President Biden. Despite the clear lack of evidence, Speaker McCarthy has decided to baselessly open an impeachment inquiry against President Biden based on nothing other than innuendo and unproven allegations.

“The business dealings of Hunter Biden are currently being investigated by a Trump appointed U.S. Attorney who has been given the status of Special Counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland. That investigation has been open for years, including during the Trump Administration and Republican control of Congress, and remains ongoing. Additionally, there have been no allegations of any impact on American citizens, unlike questions which could be investigated such as whether or not Americans paid higher gasoline prices because of money Jared Kushner received from Saudi Arabia, or whether we paid higher prices from goods imported from China after Ivanka Trump had patents approved. Special Counsel David Weiss has the full power and authority to investigate and prosecute any potential wrongdoing and hold Hunter Biden to the same standard of justice as every other American.

“It is my sincere hope that Speaker McCarthy will reverse course, stop with the partisan politics and get the House of Representatives back to focusing on the issues important to the American people – lowering costs, investing in our economy, addressing gun violence and preventing a government shutdown at the end of the month.”



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