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With Just 25 Days Until Virginia’s Crucial 2023 Elections on 11/7, Here’s a Summary of Where Things Stand for the State Senate, House of Delegates

It's going to be very close, so make sure you vote Democratic, volunteer, etc!


With just 25 days to go until Virginia’s crucial 2023 elections, on 11/7, see below for some very helpful information from Adam Carlson on how the State Senate and House of Delegates landscapes look right now. Bottom line: Dems are ahead in the Senate (favored in 19 seats vs. Rs favored in 16) and in the House of Delegates (Dems favored in 48 seats vs. Rs favored in 45), but in terms of which party ends up controlling each chamber, it’s VERY close, so make sure you: a) vote Democratic up and down your ballot; b) remind everyone you know to do the same; c) volunteer, donate, etc. to the Democratic candidates in key races (see below). C’mon, Virginia Dems; let’s do this!


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