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Yes, Trump’s a “sick, sick person” and “beyond pathetic” for Spreading the Disgusting “Abortion AFTER Birth” Lie. But It’s Not Just Him, It’s Also VA Republicans Who Have Done That…

This should motivate everyone to VOTE, Democratic, on or before 11/7.


Norm Ornstein is right yet again (see below), in this case that it’s “beyond pathetic” and an indication of a “sick, sick person” to claim that Democrats support infanticide, killing a baby after it’s born, etc. VA Rs have also spewed this wild, sick, disgusting lie. In fact, as the Twitter/X “community note” explains: “There is no such thing as abortion after birth. Third-trimester abortions happen when the fetus can not survive outside the womb OR the mother’s life is at stake.”  Also note that this bullshit claim has been debunked many times, including by Snopes, FactCheck.org (Trump “has repeatedly distorted Northam’s comments, as well as facts regarding Virginia’s abortion law”, PolitiFact (which explains that “Trump puts words in the governor’s mouth, saying doctors would urge the mother to let them forcibly kill the newborn, which is a felony in Virginia punishable by a long prison sentence or death”), etc, etc.

By the way, it would be bad enough if it were only an unhinged, completely dishonest person like Trump who spread this wild, disgusting lie, but it’s also many other Republicans, including the Virginia GOP, Winsome Sears, etc. See below for some screenshots of that, and use this as motivation to VOTE – and remind everyone you know to VOTE – Democratic, on or before 11/7!

P.S. Also, great point by Ray Suarez on this – “That this story, of casual infanticide, is endlessly repeated, is a simple failure of conventional journalism. From the smallest state legislature subcommittee hearing all the way up to presidential debates, it is asserted without challenge, follow-up, query.”

Winsome Sears also spewed out this massive, sick lie about Democrats supposedly supporting “infanticide:

Batshit-crazy, fascist Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05) also vomited out the “abortion up until, and even after, the moment of birth” BIG LIE.

The official account of the Virginia Republican Party  went with this disgusting lie time and time again. Just remember, as you vote in the 2023 Virginia elections, that Virginia Republicans virulently oppose women’s reproductive freedom, and instead that many/most of them support a ban on abortion (and quite possibly various forms of birth control as well – if given the chance, they won’t stop at banning abortion, that’s for sure).


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