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Video: Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) Says That with Speaker Mike Johnson “beholden to folks on the extreme right,” We’re Looking at “seemingly a hostile takeover of our government”

Spanberger stresses "the vital vital importance of having...a Speaker Jeffries...after the 2024 elections"


On yesterday’s “Friday Power Lunch” by Network NOVA, one of the guests was Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07). See below for video of that, as well as a few highlights from what she had to say about the “hostile takeover of our government we have now” with the far right in the U.S. House. Scary times!

  • At the federal level kind, of what we’re really looking at, is a potential, what has been seemingly a hostile takeover of our government. We have now Speaker Johnson beholden to, as was former Speaker McCarthy, a small group of people that don’t want to govern.
  • “The reality is that at this point, one person who is not focused on governance because he is beholden to folks on the extreme right as was his predecessor, are just choosing not to bring these bills forward…a full-on Appropriations bills to fund the government through the rest of the fiscal year, they’d pass with bipartisan support if they were brought…”
  • The vital vital importance of having…a Speaker Jeffries…after the 2024 elections is the difference between do we bring forth bipartisan bills to fund the government, do we bring forth bipartisan bills to ensure that the FAA is reauthorized and we’re not facing challenges how we’re literally going to put planes safely through the sky…the national security challenges that impact certainly the United States but also our partners. Are we standing up to Russia? Are we trying to facilitate the defeat of Putin’s army? Or are we kowtowing to extremist views? All of this matters, and it really comes down to, at these perilous times, the majority. And I think that that’s different from how it’s been at various points in history, because…even my short foray into politics during my adult lifetime…there were Speakers who ran the House of Representatives I didn’t agree with, but they allowed for the function of government.”


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