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Insurrectionist VA State Sen. John McGuire (R), a Close Ally of Glenn Youngkin, in Iowa Today Stumping with Extremist Kari Lake, etc. for Donald Trump


Of course, John McGuire (R) isn’t just a clown, as VAPLAN/Cindy notes in this tweet; he’s also an insurrectionist who was literally part of the pro-Trump mob surrounding the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 (see below).  And no, McGuire should NOT be eligible to serve in public office – whether at the state level (e.g., State Senator, which he is now) or federal level (U.S. House, which he’s running for – against nutjob Rep. Bob Good in VA05) per the 14th amendment, section 3.

By the way, also note that McGuire has been an ally of Glenn Youngkin’s…see below for more on that. Of course, Youngkin’s the same person who campaigned for bats***-crazy-extremist Kari Lake in Arizona in the fall of 2022, even going so far as to call her “AWESOME!” So…yeah, obviously, Youngkin’s not a “moderate,” no matter how many times the whitewashing/stenographic media (particularly the Washington Post) attempts to falsely claim that he is.


P.S. This exchange on McGuire’s Facebook post is quite amusing.


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