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New Wason Center Poll Finds VA Likely Voters Want Minimum Wage Increase, Improving K-12 Education, Childcare Initiatives, etc; In 2025 Dem Gov Primary, Spanberger Leads Stoney 52%-8%


New polling from the Wason Center for Civic Leadership at Christopher Newport University has some interesting findings – including on issues facing the Virginia General Assembly, how Virginians see the Commonwealth and country going, approval ratings for Glenn Youngkin and Joe Biden, and a VERY early read on the Democratic primary for governor in 2025. See below for some highlights/key findings.

  • “Overall, Virginians say the following should be top priorities: 1. improving K-12 education (74%), 2. reducing crime (62%), and 3. Reducing healthcare costs (59%).”
  • ” 62% saying they support/strongly support amending the constitution to guarantee abortion rights, while 66% support/strongly support felon re-enfranchisement after a completed prison sentence”
  • “On economic policies, a majority of Virginians support raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2026 (68% support/strongly support to 30% oppose/strongly oppose).”
  • “A majority of Virginians support allowing retail sale of
    recreational marijuana (57%).”
  • “A narrow majority of Virginians supports allowing people to carry concealed guns in more places (51%), while a majority supports banning assault-style weapons (56%), and opposes allowing teachers to carry guns in K-12 schools (56%). “
  • ” Rep. Spanberger receives a 43% favorable rating with 4% indicating unfavorable and another 53% saying they either have no opinion or don’t know. Mayor Stoney is noticeably less well known among Virginia Democratic voters, receiving a rating of 10% favorable to 8% unfavorable, while 82% say they have no opinion or don’t know.”
  • “When asked which candidate they would vote for if the Democratic primary for governor were held today, Rep. Spanberger leads Mayor Stoney 52% to 8%, with a sizable 40% indicating they don’t know. “
  • “Governor Youngkin’s job approval remains steady from nearly a year ago at 50%, while 39% indicate they disapprove and 12% say they don’t know.” (Youngkin’s +11 net approval is pretty low for Virginia governors historically; see here for a graphic)
  • “. President Biden’s job approval numbers reflect this overall discontent, with 36% saying they approve of his job performance, compared to 59% who disapprove; 5% say they don’t know. A year ago, Biden’s approval among Virginia voters stood at 38%.”


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