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Trump, Youngkin, Miyares, Kiggans, Gilbert, Cao, etc. Rev Up the Bigotry (Against Transgender People) and Lies for Easter


So…Glenn Youngkin is NOT outraged by the thought of a Trump dictatorship and the end of our democracy, but he IS outraged that Transgender Day of Visibility – which ALWAYS falls on 3/31…which randomly happens to fall on Easter this year. Also, note that they *know* what they’re saying is 100% false (see Reuters fact check, below), yet these anti-trans right wingnuts (e.g., VA House GOP Leader Todd Gilbert, Gov. Glenn Youngkin, AG Jason Miyares, Rep. Jen Kiggans, batsh**-crazy-extremist Hung Cao) still proceeded with  their dishonest posts – simply to rile up their “base” against transgender people, the Biden administration, Democrats, etc. Lovely people, huh?

Again, right wingers are pushing multiple, transphobic lies on this. In fact, the Transgender Day of Visibility “was created by trans advocate Rachel Crandall in 2010” and has been celebrated on March 31 since then. This year, March 31 just happens to be the date that Easter falls on – pure coincidence. Not that there’s anything wrong, by the way, with having this day fall on the same day as Easter – what’s the problem exactly? Are these the values espoused in the Gospels?

Obviously, Youngkin et al have no serious, good-faith response to this question.

Youngkin doesn’t condemn Trump’s psychopathic behavior, but DOES get “outraged” about a classic Republican false/flood-the-zone-with-bullshit-and-bigotry coordinated messaging campaign.

Virginia AG Miyares goes for lies and anti -trans bigotry this Easter season. Lovely, huh?

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