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Video: CNN Completely Botches Its Report on VA05 GOP Primary – Falsely Calls Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05)’s Opponent John McGuire (a Trump Cultist/Extremist/Insurrectionist, Endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rudy Giuliani, etc.) “Center Right”

CNN also fails to mention that Trump's campaign manager has vowed to take out Good.


See below for video of CNN’s “report” (in air quotes) this morning on the nasty VA05 Republican primary between far-right-extremist/theocrat/bigot Rep. Bob Good and challenger John McGuire, who is literally an insurrectionist and also far-right, plus a Trump/MAGA fanatic. Yet in its “report,” CNN fails to mention that McGuire is an insurrectionist and far-right extremist and even falsely claims Bob Good is being challenged from the “center right” (!!!).

The “center right”??? Is CNN acdtually arguing that Kevin McCarthy and his allies aren’t super conservative (definitely NOT “center-right”) themselves?  And again, more to the point – John McGuire is a Trump cultist (he was literally in the pro-Trump mob outside the US Capitol on 1/6/21) and about as far right as you can get (the comprehensive VAPLAN scorecard for the 2024 Virginia General Assembly session rated McGuire THE most right-wing member of the State Senate). For whatever bizarre reasons, CNN mentions none of that.  But wait, there’s more!  That’s right, CNN also almost completely misses the big story here, which is that McGuire’s primary against Good is, in large part, fueled by Trump  wanting to take out Good for “disloyalty,” specifically Good having endorsed Ron DeSantis for president over Trump.

In sum, CNN’s report is a really, really bad joke, the worst of political “journalism,” and a perfect case study in how the political “mainstream media” in this country is helping to put our democracy in grave danger.

P.S. Whoops, almost forgot to mention some of “center-right” McGuire’s endorsers: Rudy Giuliani (’nuff said), Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (total nutjob/extremist), Rep. Derrick Van Orden (who was at the so-called “Stop the Steal” rally on the National Mall on 1/6/21), Rep. Ryan Zinke (Trump’s horrendously bad, corrupt, global-warming-denier Secretary of the Interior), etc. Also, although Trump hasn’t endorsed McGuire – yet! – Trump’s campaign manager Chris LaCivita recently stated that “Bob Good won’t be electable when we get done with him.” So yeah, Trump might as well have endorsed McGuire. Not that CNN’s “report” mentions any of this.


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