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Video: 2021 Youngkin Campaign “Surrogate,” Political Ally, Insurrectionist/Extremist, Trump Cultist Amanda Chase “facing an assault and battery charge after a confrontation” at Chesterfield GOP Meeting Tuesday Night

Nice scoop by Virginia Scope/Brandon Jarvis


Great scoop by Virginia Scope and its founder/editor Brandon Jarvis:

“Chesterfield Republicans met Tuesday night to select the leaders for their local committee, but a confrontation involving former state Sen. Amanda Chase, R-Chesterfield, became the main attraction. 

Chase is facing an assault and battery charge after a confrontation with Adaire Lazaro outside of the meeting.

Lazaro is the roommate of Shane Snavley, a former employee of Chase who has spent the last year releasing damning information about her to the public.”

Also, courtesy of Virginia Scope, check out the video, below, of [far-right-extremist/insurrectionist, COVID denier, racist, etc., former VA State Senator] Amanda Chase (R) – a political ally and campaign “surrogate” for Glenn Youngkin in 2021 –  doing Amanda Chase things…in this case, charged with assault and battery. Also, check out Chase whining about how some unspecified “they” are using the “same tactics they used on Trump…on me.” Uh, Amanda? That’s called “applying the rule of law,” aka, “what part of ILLEGAL don’t you understand?!?” Maybe, just maybe, like her cult leader Donald Trump, it might be wise for Amanda Chase to not commit (alleged) crimes? LOL

P.S. See below for some more photos of Amanda Chase acting like the MAGA cultist she is – meeting with fellow insurrectionists like Michael Flynn, the crazy “MyPillow” guy, the head of the more-extreme-than-the-NRA Virginia Citizens Defense League, Steve Bannon, the Oath Keepers, Sidney Powell – plus DEFINITELY-NOT-“MODERATES” Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, Gov. Glenn Youngkin, etc.


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