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Virginia AFL-CIO Appalled at Governor Youngkin’s Vetoes on Pro-Worker Legislation


From the Virginia AFL-CIO

Virginia AFL-CIO Appalled at Governor Youngkin’s Vetoes on Pro-Worker Legislation

RICHMOND, VA — The Virginia AFL-CIO remains utterly appalled at Governor Youngkin’s first set of vetoes from the 2024 General Assembly session on pro-worker legislation.

Vetoed legislation included:

  • HB 385 and SB 143 – railroad safety; requirements for railroad companies, which would provide a crew of two operators on trains to ensure safety in our communities and on the job.
  • HB 569 – employment discrimination; employee notification of federal and state statute of limitations, that allows notification from the employer to the employee that a discrimination charge may be filed with the EEOC or Office of the Attorney General if such a practice occurs within the workplace.
  • HB 938 and SB 542 – unemployment insurance; benefit eligibility conditions; lockout exception to labor dispute disqualification, which allows employees whom have been locked-out by an employer during a labor dispute to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.
  • HB 990 and SB 370 – employer seeking wage or salary history of prospective employees; prohibited, that prohibits a prospective employer from seeking the wage/salary history of a prospective employee to determine salary upon hire or in consideration for employment.

These pro-worker pieces of legislation had overwhelming support in the General Assembly and many of the bills which were the first of its kind to pass both chambers and head to the Governor’s desk. In response, Doris Crouse-Mays, President of Virginia AFL-CIO stated,

“Governor Youngkin’s explanations for the vetoes on these critical worker-safety legislation comes as no surprise but remains appalling, nonetheless. With these vetoes, he continues to demonstrate his lack of support for working Virginians and their rights to non-discriminatory practices and on the job safety. His veto ‘explanations,’ to me, are no more than excuses for businesses to undercut workers. His decisions lead me to believe that he does not seek to make Virginia the best place to live, work, or raise a family – but in fact, that he rather make Virginia number 1 for business at the expense of workers.

Reconvene session is coming, and the Virginia AFL-CIO remains committed to building power for working people by coming together to make workplace improvements and advocating for a safer, healthier, and higher quality of life for all working families across Virginia.”  


Virginia AFL-CIO is a labor organization that represents over 330,000 union members and their families within the Commonwealth. VA AFL-CIO is a state federation of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) working tirelessly to improve the lives of working people.


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