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Youngkin Issues a Bunch More Vetoes and Nonsensical/Dishonest Explanations, Including on a Bill “protecting abortion providers from extradition to hostile states for providing LEGAL abortion care in VA”

Youngkin also vetoes "historic legislation establishing a paid family and medical leave policy in Virginia" because...reasons.


See below for yet MORE godawful vetos and amendments by right-wing/MAGA Gov. Glenn Youngkin, including his nonsensical and dishonest “explanations” for why he did what he did. For instance, in vetoing HB1539 (“Abortion or other reproductive health care services; prohibitions on extradition for certain crimes”), Youngkin claims, “Our cooperative extradition system could collapse if individual states were to carve out crimes for which they would not recognize codified laws because of differing political positions.” In fact, as Repro Rising director Tarina Keene explains, the goals of this bill (and a companion Senate bill) were “protecting abortion providers from extradition to hostile states for providing LEGAL abortion care in VA.”

On another veto, of legislation abolishing the common-law crime of suicide, Youngkin claims it’s not needed, since, “In recent years, the Commonwealth has made significant improvements in mental health, including decriminalizing the effects of mental health conditions, and increasing resources for those in crisis.” Uh…ok, so keep it as a common-law crime because we’ve made improvements in mental health (no thanks to Republicans!).

And on another veto, of HB4 (“Provides that any town located within a county that has imposed a disposable plastic bag tax shall receive a distribution of revenues collected by the county based on the local sales tax distribution formula for appropriations to towns”), Youngkin gives some cockamamie “explanation” that’s a right-wing “word salad” which sounds like he’s a Fox “News” commentator or something (“Plastic bag taxes fail to achieve their intended goals and burden Virginians amid escalating inflation. Redirecting tax revenues to towns may further encourage governmental reliance on these taxes, exacerbating the issue.”). Lies, lies and more lies, including “escalating inflation” (in fact, inflation is very much under control at/near Fed targets) and “plastic bag taxes fail to achieve their intended goals” and “burden Virginians”…pretty much every word is a lie on that one. And yes, Youngkin really is a dishonest, lying slimeball.

Bottom line: thank goodness that Democrats control the General Assembly, but we’re not going to get much (if any) progressive, pro-environmental or pro-clean-energy legislation passed until Democrats have the governor’s mansion again, along with the House of Delegates and State Senate. Hopefully, that will be the case as of January 2026, at which point Democrats will need to pass ALL of the bills that Youngkin vetoed this year. But definitely don’t expect any good to come out of the final year and 9 months of Youngkin’s miserable governorship.

P.S. A piece of good news is Youngkin’s signature of “Senator @BarbaraFavola’s Menstrual Data Privacy bill,” which “protects Virginians’ private menstrual data from warrants or subpoenas” and “will improve privacy and security of sensitive reproductive health information.”


Governor Glenn Youngkin Takes Action on 110 Additional Bills 

RICHMOND, VA – Governor Glenn Youngkin today took additional action on legislation sent to him by the General Assembly, including signing 88 bills that reinstate the Virginia Minority Business Commission, and give local governments the ability to regulate locations for tobacco products by ordinance.

In addition, the Governor amended 11 bills, including a bill to allow the City of Petersburg to pursue a referendum on establishing Virginia’s 5th licensed casino.

Finally, the Governor also vetoed 11 bills, including bills that would put women’s health at risk and weaken the Commonwealth’s culture of life by undermining the oversight duties of the Board of Medicine.

The Governor signed 88 bills, which included:

HB 374 HB 376 HB 1369 HB 1376 HB 453 HB 692 HB 814 HB 862 HB 914 HB 919 HB 937 HB 947 HB 959 HB 987 HB 1002 HB 1018 HB 1538 HB 1019 HB 1022 HB 1080 HB 1116 HB 1182 HB 1418 HB 1433 HB 1241 HB 1257 HB 78 HB 1278 HB 1473 HB 1511 HB 1301 HB 1309 HB 35 HB 361 HB 1318 HB 1324 HB 1330 HB 1342 HB 1366 HB 306 HB 310 HB 1417 HB 1443 HB 1453 HB 1457 HB 1512 HB 862 HB 914

SB 6 SB 17 SB 51 SB 66 SB 87 SB 102 SB 145 SB 174 SB 176 SB 375 SB 382 SB 204 SB 207 SB 215 SB 701 SB 710 SB 240 SB 398 SB 403 SB 495 SB 241 SB 250 SB 283 SB 291 SB 292 SB 321 SB 394 SB 397 SB 508 SB 8 SB 9 SB 16 SB 513 SB 564 SB 566 SB 574 SB 600 SB 655 SB 663 SB 737

The full list of signed bills is available here.

The Governor amended 11 bills:

  • SB 628 – Removing the reenactment clause.
  • HB 1505 – Expediting the enactment of the legislation to July 1
  • HB 111 – Aligning a date to reflect a recent change to federal law
  • HB 1415 – Conforming civil penalties to match those allowed for counties
  • HB 1504 & SB 498 – Requiring superintendents or their designees to notify parents within 24 hours of any school-connected overdose, providing known details while complying with privacy laws.
  • HB 184 – Ensuring consistency in the treatment of credit unions.
  • HB 191 – Addressing a technical error in the drafting process
  • HB 285 – Extending the sunset by an additional two years
  • SB 260 – Conforming to House Bill 1361
  • SB 534 – Addressing a technical error in the drafting process

Additionally, the Governor vetoed 11 bills, which included:

  • HB 519
  • SB 716
  • HB 1539
  • SB 15
  • HB 81
  • HB 4
  • SB 373
  • HB 442
  • HB 598
  • HB 817
  • HB 1251

The governor’s full veto statements are available here.

Impacted Virginians Condemn Governor Glenn Youngkin’s Veto of Historic Paid Leave Legislation

Bill would have provided 3.5 million Virginians with access to 8 weeks of paid time off to care for themselves or a family member during a serious health care event

RICHMOND, Va. — Today, impacted Virginians and legislative leaders strongly criticized Governor Glenn Youngkin’s veto of historic legislation establishing a paid family and medical leave policy in Virginia.  Due to the veto, 76% of Virginia workers – 3.5 million people – will still have no guarantee that they won’t miss a critical paycheck in order to care for themselves or their family during a serious health event.

This year Senator Jennifer Boysko (D-Fairfax) and Delegate Briana Sewell (D-Prince William) successfully championed the paid family and medical leave legislation. The bill would have created a state-administered insurance program to ensure a covered employee can receive paid time off to care for themselves or a family member in the event of an extended illness or serious injury. The bill would also allow parents to take time off to welcome a new baby.

“Over the last six years I’ve worked with businesses, advocates, labor unions, and state and national policy experts, to craft a policy that was responsible, realistic, and ready to work on day one,” said Senator Jennifer Boysko.  “Governor Youngkin just decided to disregard all of that work in favor of an antiquated view of how our economy should treat workers and their families.  This veto perfectly encapsulates my deep disappointment in Governor Youngkin’s record over the last three years. His veto on SB 373 is yet another clear example that his values and priorities are in opposition to what Virginia’s working families actually need. Now Virginians will be forced to wait until we can elect a real pro-family governor in order to have time with their loved ones when they are most needed.”

“The message is clear. Governor Youngkin’s recent decision to veto paid family and medical leave for 3.4 million Virginia workers speaks volumes about his priorities,” said Delegate Briana Sewell. “The lack of paid leave places 78 percent of working Virginians in the incomparable position of choosing between caring for a loved one and maintaining a paycheck. How could someone not recognize the gravity of this situation? If your loved one receives a cancer diagnosis, taking time off work to be with them might mean you won’t be able to pay your rent or mortgage. If you are preparing to become a new parent and your partner is experiencing pregnancy complications, you are expected to prioritize your job over your family. Our Commonwealth can do more than simply force people to punch a clock while their families are in crisis. It is time we provide all working Virginians with paid family and medical leave to support those in need rather than forcing them to choose between work and family during tough times.”

Currently 9 states plus the District of Columbia provide some version of a paid family and medical leave policy, with four more states in the process of implementing laws that will go into effect in 2026.  The United States is one of only 11 countries that fail to provide this protection to workers and their families, leaving individual states to design and establish their own policies.

“When we talk about what it takes to keep talent in Virginia, it’s not just about wages, it’s about quality of life. The Governor is wildly out of touch with what working families are facing,” said Speaker Don Scott. “When he chose to veto paid family and medical leave, he told workers that we don’t respect them, it’s that simple. Other states are showing up for working families by removing the burden of worry when they welcome home a baby or need to take time off to care for a loved one. That’s something most people will face during their lifetime, and they shouldn’t have to cross their fingers that their employer will respect them enough to give them time with their family.”

“The Governor’s veto is both out of touch and deeply hypocritical,” said Rhena Hicks, Executive Director of Freedom Virginia.  “Currently state employees receive eight weeks of paid parental leave.  By vetoing this legislation today, the Governor is telling millions of Virginia workers that they don’t deserve access to the same benefits the Governor’s own employees receive.”

“No parent should have to choose between paying the bills and being there for their family like my husband and I did when our son was born or when we’ve had medical needs,” said Abbey Grobe Conley, a Henrico resident affected by the lack of Paid Leave in Virginia. “My story is unfortunately not unique; too many Virginians like me are being pushed out of the workforce by the current system that does nothing to support families and reward my hard work. While I’m disappointed with this outcome, I will never stop fighting to ensure no one ever has to go through what I went through.”

Freedom Virginia is a nonpartisan 501(c)4 organization committed to building a Commonwealth where all Virginia families have the freedom to thrive. Freedom Virginia advances economic security policies through grassroots activism, voter engagement and legislative advocacy. Our efforts began in 2020 and since then we’ve pushed for a more economically secure Virginia by sharing real stories about Virginians’ lack of access to affordable health care, education, energy, and the need for policies that foster more safety for families. Visit our website at freedomva.org to learn more. 

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