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A Few Thoughts on Donald Trump’s Endorsement of Insurrectionist John McGuire Over Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05), Who Desperately Tried (but Failed) to Suck Up to the Cult Leader

Good endorsed Ron DeSantis, helped take out Kevin McCarthy, and pretty much alienated everyone in the Trumpified GOP


Donald Trump endorsing Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05)’s Republican primary opponent, VA State Senator John McGuire (see below), could ALMOST make one feel sorry for Good. But…nah, why would anyone feel sorry for such a horrible person – a vicious bigot, Christofascist, etc, etc. – as Good? Also, of course, the fact is that the Republican Party at this point has devolved into a wholly owned subsidiary of Donald Trump personally, with millions of Trump cultists ready and eager to follow Trump wherever he leads – towards fascism, off a cliff, etc.

So what did Bob Good do to piss off Trump so badly? Clearly, Good’s endorsement of Ron DeSantis over Trump in the Republican primary for president was unforgiveable to Trump, no matter how much Good’s frantically tried to save himself via belated groveling, including making the unholy pilgrimage up to NY City to stand with the Cult Leader at his trial. Also, as Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA08)’s Deputy Chief of Staff Aaron Fritschner points out (see below and on his Twitter feed), Good managed to alienate pretty much everyone:

“He doesn’t have friendships across the aisle or positive influence with GOP leadership (obviously he has influence in the form of threats). He endorsed against Trump and helped remove McCarthy, alienating huge swathes of the party… Good acts like he’s working in a lab to create the optimal conditions for a successful primary challenge”

The really sad thing is that VA05, which leans heavily Republican, is now highly likely to nominate (on June 18th in the Republican primary) and then elect (on November 5) John McGuire, who literally was part of the howling mob of pro-Trump insurrectionists outside the US Capitol on 1/6/21, and who has accomplished essentially NOTHING in either the Virginia House of Delegates or State Senate, which he was just “promoted” to in November 2023.

Amazingly, as recently as 2010, VA05 was represented by the superb Tom Perriello, but since then it’s gotten worse…and worse…and worse, in this case going from Denver Riggleman (a staunch conservative in the US House, but at least not completely insane) to Bob Good (as far right as anyone can get in US politics) to (likely) John McGuire (an insurrectionist, also far-right, and a complete nonentity in the Virginia General Assembly). So let’s just hope Democrats can pull off a miracle in VA05 in November, because barring that, the district will have quite possibly the worst member of Congress in the country, on par with Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, etc. Ugh.


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