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Video: DeSantis-Endorsing/Trump-Trashing Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05) Frantically Tries to Backtrack After Trump’s Campaign Manager Vows to Make Him Unelectable

Also, extremist Marjorie Taylor Greene endorses Good's insurrectionist opponent, John McGuire


A few points about far-right-extremist Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05)’s CNN interview last night (see video, below), and about the VA05 Republican primary in general:

  1. So, 8 straight minutes of essentially: a) wild lie after wild lie by far-right-extremist Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05); b) minimal/ineffectual pushback from the CNN host (Kaitlin Collins). Greeeeaaaat.
  2. As Sam Shirazi says: “Rep. Bob Good came into office by winning the VA-5 GOP nomination over Denver Riggleman for officiating a same-sex marriage Now Good has to defend his initial endorsement of DeSantis, followed by his subsequent endorsement of Trump, ahead of another VA-5 nomination fight.”
  3. Good’s Republican primary opponent, VA State Senator John McGuire, is literally an insurrectionist – he was in the pro-Trump mob outside the US Capitol on 1/6/21 – and is a 100% MAGA cultist (e.g., he just recently campaigned for Trump, alongside nutjob Kari Lake, in Iowa), far-right extremist, etc. So…no, McGuire wouldn’t be any better than Good in the U.S. House.
  4. It’s hilarious, in a warped/disturbing way, to watch a bunch of far-right-extremists/nutjobs – Marjorie Taylor Greene, Bob Good, John McGuire, etc. – rip the crap out of each other. However, what JRR Tolkien said about the orcs comes to mind – namely, that they will viciously fight each other UNTIL they see one of their enemies – an elf, hobbit, etc. – at which point they will (temporarily) stop their infighting and go after the elf, hobbit, etc.
  5. It’s quite possible (maybe even likely?) that Good could lose his primary to McGuire, simply because the Republican Party at this point has become all about 100%, cult-like Trump loyalty, and Good committed the (possibly) fatal sin of having endorsed Ron DeSantis over Trump, not to mention privately (or so Good thought!) trashing Trump (“[Trump] might be the only person that can lose to Joe Biden if he’s the nominee…And you’re asking me privately, I don’t say this in public…Trump blamed pro-lifers for the election loss back in November…Trump is saying we gonna need to back off on abortion. Trump did Red Flag laws when he was president…I can’t sit by and watch and then regret that we nominated Trump…And then…the prosecutions in the courts, I’m fearful as he carries that baggage, because there are some parts of our party who won’t vote for Trump, but as as the convictions, as the charges mount to win, I’m fearful for our ability to win. And I want 8 years”). Just the other day, in fact, Trump’s campaign manager, Chris LaCivita, vowed to oust Good, threatening that “Good won’t be electable when we get done with him.” Ouch.
  6. As for whether VA05 might be competitive, sadly, that’s not likely, given the district’s strong “red” lean. However, as Ethan C7 points out, perhaps with an “open seat or w/a damaged incumbent,” maybe ” worth watching for unexpected competitiveness”?  Of course, Democrats will need a strong nominee, and so far nobody’s listed on VPAP, so…???


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