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National Election Results Open Thread / Live Blog

The polls are about to close on the Eastern United States.  At 7pm EST we'll see polls close in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and across most (but not all) of Florida.  Virginia is of course, the first of the major swing states to close.  So, to start out the night the big question:  Are "you on your own" or we "all in this together"?


Electoral College Total of Called Races:  Obama 303 - Romney 203.

Update 1:00am:
President Obama's Victory Speech:  

*  "These arguments we have are a mark of our liberty."
*  "Our economy is recovering, a war is ending, and a long campaign is over. Whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to your voice ... and I will return to the White House more determined than ever."
*  The President identifies his Second Term Agenda:  Deficit Reduction, Immigration Reform, Energy Independence.

Update 1:00am:
Mitt Romney concedes, graciously.
Barack Obama Wins Virginia!

Update 12:15:
Mitt Romney is disputing the election results in Ohio, but with the President's victory in Colorado this point is now moot.  With or without Ohio, President Obama has been reelected.

Update 12:00:
President Obama wins Colorado and Nevada.
President Obama leads Virginia and Florida but they are still too close to call.

In an astonishing and pitiful move, the Romney campaign is disputing the Ohio result.  A fitting end to a truly despicable campaign.  

Update 11:12:

Update 11:00:
Obama Wins California, Washington, and his home state Hawaii.

Romney Wins Idaho and North Carolina.

Oregon, Iowa, Nevada Too Early to Call, Leaning Obama

Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado Too Close to Call.

Update 10:00:
Obama wins Minnesota
Romney wins Missouri

Update 9:50:

Hold Victory in Your Heart

"It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat."

President Theodore Roosevelt
"Citizenship in a Republic,"
Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910

Looking around the netroots these days you would have no idea that America is set to hand Barack Obama a resounding reelection victory, but that is precisely what is going to happen.

Everything around here is about rape, or the media's erroneous "challenger momentum" narrative or the critical dangers of impending failure, or what isn't going our way.  Well, that's self defeating.  

Going into the home stretch here, it's important to keep our heads in the game.  Keep in your mind that we have a uniquely qualified and adept President who has managed to save the nation from a cataclysm created by the clearly discredited economic and foreign policy forces championed by his opponent.  

He has achieved what every Democrat since Harry Truman tried and failed to do. He successfully enshrined healthcare as a human right in America.  He saved the auto industry, ended the war in Iraq, and brought to justice those who attacked us on 9/11.

It's time to get our heads straight for the final sprint to November 6.

  • Start shouting from the rooftops the powerful accomplishments of this progressive, Democratic President.
  • Start working, and working hard to deliver the powerful, landslide victory this historic president deserves.
  • Give him a solid Senate majority and help him take back the House with a slate of progressive Democrats to bring the intentional obstruction of the disloyal Republican opposition to justice.
  • Get ready to stay engaged for a second term which will transform and humble the immoral, radical, treasonous, extremists who now own the Republican party.  Get ready to watch them eat each other alive as the reality of their dead ideas sinks in and becomes as permanently a part of the American culture as the internet.

Stop worrying and get out in the streets.  There is an historic victory at our fingertips. We simply need to burn some shoe leather, make some phone calls, talk to our neighbors, and get everyone out to vote for the President and every Democrat in the country.

There is only one candidate with the integrity, vision, and tested courage to set the course for America in the 21st century.  His name is Barack Obama.  He is President of the United States.

Stand up for our values:  Justice and Freedom and Courage.  Never doubt this impending victory.  Hold it in your heart.  

Work for victory and you will build the future we all want.

Donate!  Volunteer!  VOTE! for Democrats everywhere and for President Barack Obama.

Hold Victory in Your Heart!

Once In a Lifetime Opportunity

Forget four years ago.  Are you better off now than you were TWO years ago?

Remember back in 2010, when the Tea Party lied its way into power in Congress?  We sat there wondering how this bought-and-paid-for, faux grassroots "movement" could have elected 60 congressional candidates and stolen the gavel from Nancy Pelosi.  

How about eight years ago?  Remember how sickened we were in 2004, that the Worst. President. Ever. had stolen Ohio and the presidency from John Kerry?

How about twelve years ago?  Remember in 2000 how the world sat stunned as Bush and his Supremes robbed the nation of leadership and began our trajectory towards war, debt, and national division?

Conservatism has stolen at least three election cycles in recent memory, and every one of the last five Republican presidents have used "fraud and treason" to capture the White House.

This year, however, something different is happening.  This year, Republicans have nominated the most despised presidential candidate in history, with the most dysfunctional campaign in history, to champion a set of immoral policies which have all been exposed by history as lies.  

This year, even fraud and treason won't be enough for Republicans to win the top of the ticket.  More importantly, this election is going to cost Republicans the Senate.  If the American people come to understand the level of anti-American obstruction perpetrated by Congressional Republicans, and the depth of Pure Evil represented by Paul Ryan's budget, Republicans will lose the House as well.  

Let's be clear.  This opportunity will not come again in our lifetimes.  This is not the reelection of Bill Clinton.  This is the reelection of FDR, a realigning election. This is the end of Reagan's era of conservative hegemony, and President  Obama will lay the agenda for the 21st Century in his second term.  

The contours of that agenda depend on us, and on what we do in the next four years, the next one year specifically.   It's time to get our story straight.  It's time to be heard and seen.  It's time to organize, and to act.  It's time to FINALLY cross over and ensure that the next century is not only America's century, but a century for progress.

Dance with me below the pumpkin vines and let's talk about how progressive messaging and action could define the 21st Century if we can get our act together.

Mitt Romney: If He Only Had a Heart

His first term in office has revealed President Obama to be a bold and resilient American leader even in times of epic hardship and in the face of intractable opposition. If we didn't know him in 2008, we know him now.  

He's the guy who saved Detroit, got Bin Laden, and faced down a truly disloyal Republican opposition to deliver what every Democrat since Truman tried and failed to do. He delivered universal healthcare.

The real problem with Mitt Romney isn't that he hasn't done anything. It's that whatever he has done, he's trying really hard not to tell us about it.  Beyond tax returns, his career as a vulture capitalist, and RomneyCare, Mitt Romney has really done everything he could to hide any hit of his character.  Whatever his center, his conviction, his drive, his plan, his intention for America, Mitt Romney has chosen not to share that with us in any meaningful sense.

In that vacuum, our task is to determine, given what we do know, whether he is capable of succeeding as President of the United States.  

The President fills many roles.  Whoever sits behind the Resolute Desk must be chief executive of the government and the economy, Commander in Chief of the military, moral leader of the nation, and lead representative on the world stage.  

Has Mitt Romney proven himself worthy to wear the many caps required of an American President?

Could Romney be the Chief Executive of the world's largest economy? Possibly. If you believe that tax cuts cure cancer. If you believe that Government "of, for, and by the people" is tantamount to original sin. If you believe that the minimum wage should be zero. Maybe.

Maybe another four years of Bush administration economics is just what the economy needs. Wars and tax cuts worked great for George W. Bush, maybe they'll work for Mitt Romney.

I’m Not the Bigot Whisperer

Hey Friends.  

It's been a LOOOONG while since I posted here, but I had a personal/political experience that I thought might interest the community.  

As any of you who are Facebook "friends" with me will attest, since leaving Virginia politics for the private sector, I've remained prolific in my political postings on Facebook. My goal there has been twofold: 1) promoting progressive politics; and 2) engaging across party lines to refute the egregious excesses of conservatism.  

Well, my days "engaging across party lines" ended today.  Click below and I'll explain why I'm done, and why this in itself is a victory for the forces of bigotry and greed swarming this nation under the name of "conservatism".


It was the election of 2000 that really snapped me into politics.  I couldn't believe the injustice of the situation. I couldn't believe that for all of the patent lies told, half the country seemed happy to believe them.  

Obama at the Lunch Counter

Obama acts entirely within the tradition of mainstream African American political strategy and tactics. The epitome of that tradition was the non-violence of the Civil Rights Movement, but goes back much further in time. It recognizes the inequality of power between whites and blacks. Number one: maintain your dignity. Number two: call your adversaries to the highest principles they hold. Number three: Seize the moral high ground and Number four: Win by winning over your adversaries, by revealing the contradiction between their own ideals and their actions. It is one way that a oppressed people struggle." - Tom Schade

For progressives, for Obama supporters, it's been a difficult couple of years. After the vicious, endless attacks with which the right hounded President Clinton, we expected dark days. And we got them. In this case, we faced an established right-wing propaganda messaging machine and well-funded organizations ready to aim Main Street anger over the Bush Recession onto president Obama. Let's face it: the left has been completely unprepared to handle the magnitude and effectiveness of the anti-Obama, anti-progressive assault.

The sausage making of health care reform and the Republican-created debt hostage negotiations were as stomach churning as a SAW sequel. Right-wing messaging is still supported by its multi-billion-dollar think tank and media empire. Together, they successfully created the Tea Party, rebranding Bushism into something even uglier and potentially more destructive.

With the political powers so strongly against our president and progressivism, it is important for us to realize, finally, just who this president is. Only then can we turn back Tea Party dementia, dispel the disease of lefty doubt and infighting, and get to work saving this country from utter conservative devastation.

Want to understand President Obama and turn this mess around? Follow me below the fold...

Rise of the Loyal Opposition

Life in the veal cage sucks a lot.  You know that the politics of the American working family is winning politics.  You know that when Democrats stand up for the powerful principles of universal democracy, opportunity, and justice, Democrats win.  Yet, somehow "radical centrists" and Third Way Democrats seem to own the party and seem determined to sacrifice all of the 20th Century's progressive accomplishments in order to ...  well, we're not sure what.  

What you are absolutely certain of however, is that nobody is listening to you.  That's life in the Veal Cage.  You're locked away and ignored until election time, when Democrats harvest your vote, and then, right back in you go to be ignored until next harvest election.

If, for you, the Debt Deal extorted by Republican hostage takers feels like the death knell of the American Republic, or even if you just think it's terrible policy and politics, I have good news. You're not alone and the time has come to change Democratic politics.  The time has come for the Rise of the Progressive Center.

Paul Weiner’s Pitch Perfect Media Strategy

Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.
Sun Tzu

Face it.  Fox is the greatest political propaganda machine of the modern age, and likely in the history of mankind.   It is a perfect money and opinion making system bred on the cynical brilliance of Roger Ailes and Lee Atwater.  

Here we are

Married to a news franchise and brilliant media production branch, it has raised up a generation, millions strong, bred on misinformation, and dog-whistle trained to astroturf political obstruction.

I call it conservative media, but it isn't the message but the audience that gives it power.

Fox has been the basic cable leader for news and opinion for the past 100 weeks.  That's 2 years at the top of the ratings.  That means that on any given night, the VRWC can generate any lie it wants, and get it heard by a million people.  Which creates the controversy cycle.  A million people are now talking about it, which makes it news, and therefore must be covered by all cable news and opion media, the newspapers and ... suddenly everyone is talking about the lie... or is it the truth?

See how it works.

While progressives were working endlessly to put Democrats everywhere in power, on pure faith, belief and hard work, conserative media has indoctrinated a generation to a religion of the trinity of hipocrisy: "small government, strong military, and family values".

How I wish progressives had any kind of media structure.  We don't.  

and pracing a kind of ideological inbreeding.

- Blue Virginia Sponsor -


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