Friday, December 4, 2020
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My Visit to Hardee’s Today

My wife and I decided to go to our newly remodeled Hardee's today for our lunch break. We have been patrons of this restaurant for more than ten years. We were talking about the new decor and were watching the new television when we realized that it was on Fox News. I asked the server if we could change the channel and she told us that the manager was the only one allowed to touch the remote, but she would pass along our request. She returned to inform me that the television had to remain on Fox News. I asked to speak to the manager. She came to our table and repeated what the server had told us. She said she first put the television on ESPN, but was told by her district manager that the television was to remain on Fox News at all times. I have known this person for many years and I could tell that she was not happy with this, but the decision was not hers to make. She was kind enough to turn the volume off while we were there. Just wanted to pass along my experience for the day.

Stop the Bullying NOW!

I can't believe that this is tolerated in today's DPVA. I am a retired special education teacher and spent 30+ years teaching students like Toora. I am amazed and excited to see him succeeding the way that he is and for someone in the DPVA establishment to act in such a manner is totally shocking and unacceptable! This article by Ben needs to be shared so here is the link.


Let Them Hear From Progressives in Virginia

With the media stating that the teajadists showing up in Wisconsin are coming from and being organized from a group in Virginia, I thought that maybe we could do something to help out and let them know that not all Virginians are like this group. Here's an interesting diary from the Daily Kos that I thought maybe we could find a way to help out in some way:

What do you think?

Rest In Peace, Friend

I learned today that a dear fellow Democrat and friend, Mike Tremper, passed away on Oct 17. I first met Mike when I volunteered on the 1969 campaign for Henry Howell for Gov. We worked together in many, many Democratic campaigns over the years. Many on this blog will remember Mike from many of those campaigns. Just wanted everyone to know about this great loss.

Bill DeSteph: “Muslems Build Mosques to Represent Islamic Supremacy Over Their Enemy “

So states Virginia Beach Councilman Bill DeSteph. Previously I referenced a story that appeared on WVEC TV 13 in Hampton Roads on Friday about a letter the councilman wrote to the mayor and citizens of New York City. "Virginia Beach Councilman Speaks for All Virginians"

Here is his response to my email.

I am not against the Muslims or Mosques or any other group or religious temple or icon.  I am however, against allowing the building of a 13 story, 100 million dollar mosque 600 feet from ground zero.
1) Ground Zero is sacred ground to all Americans.
2) When New York was attacked on that day, that attack was on every American. We wept as one, we mourned as one, we were united as one regardless of our political affiliation.
3) Muslems build mosques to represent Islamic supremacy over their enemy.
a. The Muslim world operates on symbols.
b. They have built the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on top of the Jewish temple to represent the Islamic supremacy over Judaism.
c. The Ummayyad Mosque in Syria is built on top of St. John the Baptist.
d. Hajja Sophia in Constantinople was converted into a mosque to show Islamic supremacy over Christianity.
e. In India there are over 2,000 mosques built over Hindu temples to show the Islamic supremacy over Hinduism.
4) The name of the project in New York is the Cordoba initiative. Cordoba was the name of the seat of power of the Islamic empire in Spain when Islam ruled most of the earth's surface. The name was not chosen by accident especially knowing the history of the connection of Imam Faisal who is heading this project with the Muslims Brotherhood organization.
5) They are having their Grand opening on September 11th, 2011. This lack of sensitivity and respect, is a slap in the face of every man, woman and child in America. While Muslims lecture us "Americans" about being sensitive, this gesture of building a mosque at ground zero is the pinnacle of disrespect and sensitivity to the families of the 9/11 victims.
6) The Imam of the mosque is a great advocate for Sharia law, the same Islamic law that the 9/11 terrorists used as their justification for the murder of almost 3,000 innocent Americans.  
7) Cordoba house mosque will be a victory shrine at ground zero build on the ashes of 997 Americans whom we haven't recovered and whose remains never been found.
8) It is the duty of every American to stand up with respect with the families of 9/11 and do whatever we can to honor the memory of those loved ones they lost. It is also my duty as a man who once wore the military uniform to do everything I can to honor and serve my country and insure that America's head stands high for as long as I shall live and that I will fight and defend her and her honor from those who wish to do her harm.
I am not against building a Mosque because it is a mosque. What makes our country great is the freedom to come here and build a synagogue, a temple, a church or a mosque. People come to America for religious freedom and our constitution gives them the right to do so. However, I am against building a mosque at ground zero out of respect to my country, and the men and women and their loved ones who died on that day.

Warmest regards,


Again, his contact info is:

Please let me know if you get a response as well.

Virginia Beach Councilman Speaks For All Virginians

After coming home from work on a warm Friday evening, I settle down to watch my local news and checkout the weekend weather report. I turn to WVEC TV 13 and they are running a story about a local Virginia Beach city councilman, Bill DeSteph, writing a letter to the mayor of New York in opposition to the Muslim Center to be built near the World Trade Center site. OK. This is America and he can express his opinion. May not agree, but this is the right of any citizen. But what really perked my interest was that he used his official city letterhead. Not being a citizen of Virginia Beach, I really don't know what their rules and/or regulations are concerning the use of official city stationary. Then the reporter read the letter and it stated that the councilman was speaking for the citizens of Virginia Beach and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Huh? Did the citizens of the Commonwealth elect this councilman to represent them? Does being a local elected official give him the authority to "speak" for all the citizens of Virginia? He stated that he had been getting calls and requests from 300 citizens that someone had to do something about this and felt compelled to write this letter. All right Blue Virginia community, I think this councilman needs to hear from the citizens he claims to speak for. And don't forget to let WVEC know how much you appreciate his spokesmanship on your behalf. Here is the contact info:

Councilman Bill DeSteph


757-625-1313 - phone
757-628-5855 - fax

BTW, if someone knows how to capture the video from WVEC.COM and post it to this, please feel free.

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