Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Government for the People…or Government for the Profits?

Tuesday is the big day! Tuesday we find out whether our legislature works to protect the people of Virginia, or works to protect the...

It’s Like a Bloody WAR on Democracy by Virginia General Assembly Republicans!

I didn’t mean for General Assembly reports to be an everyday feature here on Blue Virginia. But  I woke up today after the important...

If This is “Usual and Customary,” the Virginia General Assembly Has BIG Problems!

The House floor “wasted time” today talking about campaign finance reform, according to Delegate Tim Hugo (R). In Virginia, we have a dirty little problem....

Video: Is the #MeToo Movement Really “Much Ado About Nothing?”

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, and given the number of sexual harassment and abuse allegations against members of other legislative bodies in...

Legislating is Harder Than It Looks!

I have to say, this year of local political activism has been quite humbling. Humbling to know that I should’ve been paying attention to...

Schoolhouse Rock, Virginia Edition

The elections are over, and while we’ve picked up many seats in the House of Delegates, we grassroots activists can’t rest on our laurels...

Donations and Victory Parties

I’ve never been a big political donor before. Mostly because I’m not wealthy, and the vast amounts of money that flow into and out...

Winning in Virginia, with a Three-Legged Stool

Last night was a glorious reward for a year of hard work! My inboxes, messages, and walls are filled with elation and accolades. And...

The Wandering Canvasser Visits Fairfax County

We’re coming to crunch time in these elections, so I’m not wandering too much these last few days, because I can knock a lot...

A Day in the Life: Virginia House of Delegates Candidate on 4 Hours Sleep...

I spent most of the day Monday with Kellen Squire, candidate for the House of Delegates. By the time I reached his house outside...
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