Friday, May 29, 2020
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Debate in Albemarle: Progressive Challengers vs. Entrenched Incumbents

Today was the first “debate” between Angela Lynn and her opponent, Steve Landes, and between Kellen Squire and his opponent, Rob Bell, sponsored by...

The Wandering Canvasser Visits Chesterfield County

The thing that first drew me to Sheila Bynum-Coleman as a candidate was what I noticed from following her Facebook page for a while:...

The Wandering Canvasser Visits Montgomery County

Although every candidate for the House of Delegates will appear on the ballot with a special letter by their name, committing them to one...

The Wandering Canvasser Visits Manassas City

It’s interesting that we have this two-party system in America, yet I’m finding that so many people consider themselves Independent. And Independent doesn’t mean...

Video: DREAMers and Allies for AG Mark Herring

It’s easy to get tired of politics, especially with elections every year here in Virginia. And it’s easy to get cynical, and to think...

Pipeline Voting for Progressives

Just about every week, I contact my State Delegate, begging him to a) speak out and do everything in his power to oppose the...

The Wandering Canvasser Visits Culpeper County

I dropped my daughter back at UVa yesterday, and took the opportunity to stop on my way back and canvass with Ben Hixon, who’s...

The Wandering Canvasser Visits…California?!

I wanted to do more canvassing this past weekend, but my family needed me in California. So, I took a break. Well, not really,...

Northam Braves a Tough Crowd at Energy Dialogue

Monday night, the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions (FACS) hosted a "Dialogue on Virginia's Energy Future" with the Democratic candidate for governor, Ralph Northam...

The Wandering Canvasser Visits Stafford County

We approached the man as he sat on his front porch, flyswatter in hand. Joshua Cole introduced himself, said that he was running for...
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