Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Supressing voting, the Virginia Way

BlueLousa, has several posts showing the many ways Virginia's Republicans intend to suppress voting. Beyond winning elections, one of their primary objectives this year is to limit voting by any means necessary to favor the "right" kind of people, who will vote for their candidate, and their recent actions are confirming that this is how they see the future of elections.

Jack Trammel’s interview in Louisa Counties Central Virginian

Recently Jack sat down for an interview with the editor of Louisa counties local paper, the
Central Virginian
, where he outlined out a few of his thought. This is the first local exposure he has received from the smaller papers in the the 7th Congressional District.

Since this article is behind a subscription only pay wall, it has been re-posted on the Blue Louisa blog for others to read.  

ABC … Anybody But Cantor gaining momentum?

Former congressman Ben Jones (D-Ga.), better known as "Cooter" from the Dukes of Hazzard show in the 70's, who ran against Cantor in 2002 is urging his fellow Democrats to cross over and vote for a tea party-backed candidate in Virginia's primary election.

Virginia AG Cuccinelli freezes payments to non-profits

says payments are "unconstitutional".

This past January, Cuccinelli ruled that the states constitution prohibits grants to private charitable organizations. In the ensuing months, a review process of state grants was conducted, and payments to many agencies were suspended.

While the attorney general's opinions are considered advisory, it's clear that he intends to treat them as legally binding. His mean spirited back door approach ... er opinion affects not only agencies serving the poor and disabled, but as CleetusMaggard pointed out in an earlier post:

Will dramatically affect the ability of volunteer fire and rescue squads to operate.  If there is such a thing as karmic justice, somewhere there is a chicken bone with his name on it.  

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