Friday, August 14, 2020
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Can Dominion’s Stranglehold on Virginia Politics Be Loosened?

While Dominion is often content to avoid public comment on political issues – leaving it to its lobbyists behind closed doors to grease the...

Tom Perriello for Governor: the Right Man for Virginia in the Age of Trump

by Kindler; Cross-posted at Daily Kos Last November’s election was, for Democrats, a slap in the face. The Virginia governor’s race represents one of our...

Don’t Ever Call Trump a Populist

Cross-posted at Daily Kos The disaster in which America finds itself today owes a great deal to lousy, superficial analysis in the media, social media...

The Book You Should Be Reading Right Now

Cross-posted at Daily Kos Saul Alinsky would not have been surprised by the rise of Trump.  The famed progressive organizer, knowing that every revolution breeds...

A Pence-Kaine National Unity Government: An Electoral College Proposal So Crazy, It Just...

(Cross-posted at Daily Kos) “A Republic – if you can keep it” Two hundred and twenty-nine years ago, America’s founders gathered at the Constitutional Convention in...

National Election Results 2016: Live Blog

Updates 12:47 pm: Goodnight, good people. The sun will rise tomorrow and it will be a new day regardless of all of this. "We shall...

Does GOP Want to Govern — Or Just Blow the Whole Place Up?

Cross-posted at Daily Kos Twenty-five years ago, as the Gulf War was winding down, Saddam Hussein had his troops place explosives at the sites of...

How the Media Drives the Tragedy of Trump: Pushing “Balance”, Losing Context

Cross-posted at Daily Kos "Freedom of opinion is a farce unless truth is respected." - Hannah Arendt The media’s trashing of Hillary Clinton for so many...

How the GOP’s Double Life Blew Up In Its Face

Cross-posted at Daily Kos For 60 years now, the Republican party has managed to hold together an unlikely coalition of the business elite with angry,...

The People Who Conditioned You to Hate Hillary, Part II: Citizens United

Cross-posted at Daily Kos Conditioned response is what caused Pavlov’s dog to drool.  The great Russian physiologist famously found that he could get his dog...
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