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“Shadowy Right-Wing Group” Buys $900,000 to Attack Gerry Connolly

I just received an appeal from Gerry Connolly that begins, "Shortly after this email was sent from Joe Biden my campaign manager informed me that American Action Network -- one of the shadowy right-wing groups empowered by the Citizens United decision -- has purchased $900,000 in negative TV ads attacking me." Here's the email from Joe Biden; I encourage everyone to fight back against this "shadowy right-wing group", stop them from stealing our Democracy, and prevent Keith Fimian from taking his extremist views to Congress.  Thanks.
Being a target of the GOP and their attacks proves how effective he has been in helping President Obama and me move our country forward.

President Obama and I need Representative Gerry Connolly in Congress more than ever. He has been a great partner in the fight to create jobs here in America and give every one of our citizens a fair shot at the American dream.

Your gift will help him afford television and radio ads and other means to set the record straight and put out our positive message. Even a gift of just $5 could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Contribute $5, $10 or more before Midnight Tomorrow so that Gerry Connolly will have the rapid response funds he needs before the deadline for next week's ad buys.

Representative Gerry Connolly needs our help in these final critical days before Election Day. Every dollar you give will help him fight back.

Thank you.

Joe Biden

P.S. For more on the American Action Network, click here.

SurveyUSA: Boucher 51%-Griffith 41%

According to SurveyUSA (for what it's worth, as I'm honestly not sure what to make of this outfit's - or any outfit's - polling this cycle):
In VA-09, Democrat Boucher Remains Well Positioned for 15th Term in US House: In an election for US House of Representatives in Virginia's 9th Congressional District today, 10/14/10, incumbent Democrat Rick Boucher defeats Republican State House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith, 51% to 41%, according to a WDBJ-TV news poll conducted by SurveyUSA. 1 in 5 Republicans cross-over to vote Democrat. Independents break for the Democrat, one of the few places in 2010 where this is the case.
Apparently, Rick Boucher is so personally popular in the 9th CD, that even a national tsunami can't wash him away. This one looks like a Democratic "hold" in a couple weeks from now.

Video: Donald McEachin Gives Democrats a Pep Talk


"A reception for Virginia State Senator Donald McEachin was held on October 14, 2010 at the home of Charlie Diradour and Dr. Ann Ritter. Mr. Diradour introduced Senator McEachin, who then made some brief remarks to the guests."

Thanks to The Richmonder for the video, thanks to Charlie Diradour for hosting the reception, and thanks to Donald McEachin for all the great work that he does!

Tim Kaine Compares Interest Group Funding to Watergate Scandal


For more, see ABC's "The Note".
Kaine predicted that the lack of transparency among these organizations, which have been putting most of their muscle behind Republican candidates and causes, represented "one of the biggest political process stories since Watergate."

"As we see this trend toward funding campaigns through non-reportable entities, the Democrats stand squarely for requiring disclosure of who is funding campaigns," Kaine said at a breakfast in Washington organized by the Christian Science Monitor, "and I don't think it's an accident that you're seeing this happen."

The DNC chairman drew several comparisons between the current outcry among top Democrats about anonymous donors and the Watergate scandal of the 1970s, saying that by the time the Nixon-era drama fully unfolded "it had its tentacles on a whole lot of areas including the financing of campaigns."

Blatant Bill O’Reilly Bigotry Triggers “View” Walkoff


Well, at least O'Reilly's honest about his bigotry, I'll hand him that! "The Muslims killed us on 9/11?" "The Muslims," as in what, all 1 billion Muslims and not a handful of fanatics?  What amazes me isn't that someone can have such s*** for brains and be so hateful, it's that he can have a TV show on a major U.S. network, it's that he can have millions of people watching him and nodding their heads, and it's that so many (mainly Republican) politicians are willing to pander to this unAmerican garbage.  The answer should be for all of us to "walk off," literally and figuratively, whenever we hear this stuff. Also, vote for the other candidate, every time, and whether the bigotry is anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-Hispanic, anti-African American, anti-woman, whatever.  It's really not that complicated.

Bush/Cheney Alumni for Patrick Murray!


Is this a smart political move by Patrick Murray, bringing in the "Bush/Cheney alumni" crowd to bluer-than-blue Arlington and Alexandria?  Well, on the one hand, George W. Bush and "Deadeye Dick" Cheney did get a whopping 35% of the vote in the 8th Congressional District in 2004. On the other hand...oh forget it, Patrick Murray's just completely out of touch with the voters of Arlington and Alexandria. Unbelievable.

Jeff Schapiro Demolishes Brian Moran for DPVA Chair



UPDATE: I've talked to a bunch of people today, and this is sounding more and more like a "done deal." Brilliant.

Tom Perriello Named to Time Magazine’s “40 Under 40” Leaders List

Not that this should be a surprise, but congratulations nonetheless to Tom Perriello for being named as one of Time Magazine's "40 Under 40", young civic leaders (and "rising stars") list. Three of my favorite answers from Tom's interview are:

1. Asked what he'll be doing professionally in five years, Tom responds, "Planning ahead is an excuse not to do what you're called to do right now." I've got to remember that for future interviews. :)

2. On his "political hero/inspiration," Tom names Bobby Kennedy (good choice!) but also someone named William Wilburforce, "the parliamentarian who helped end the slave trade back in the day and was a person of deep faith...willing to stand outside the sense of justice of his time." Is Tom describing himself or what?!?

3. And finally, half kidding here, Tom names his "go-to political blog" - "Blue Virginia keeps me up to date." :) Thanks Tom; I can think of no greater compliment from this superb young leader and Congressman. Now, having engaged in our morning Perriello love fest, let's all get back to helping reelect him and confirm that Time Magazine was spot on in putting him on their leaders list!

Virginia Republicans Rip Each Other Over Bad Booze Plan

Ah, the sweet sound of Virginia Republicans tearing into each other, music to Virginia Democrats' ears. A few highlights:

*"Phil Cox, who heads McDonnell's political action committee, called leaders in the GOP-controlled House of Delegates 'spineless,' and he warned that the governor might not support Republicans in next year's elections if they vote against the proposal."

*Del. Thomas Gear (R-Hampton) responds, "What am I supposed to do? Lay down and die for the administration, and do whatever they say?" Gear adds, "I can't help it that they don't have a good plan. They will remember who their friends are? That's a two-way street."

*House Republican Chair Tim Hugo shoots off "a sarcastic Sept. 30 e-mail to Cox; Martin Kent, McDonnell's chief of staff; Eric Finkbeiner, McDonnell's director of policy; and Mike Reynold, McDonnell's deputy director of policy."

*Del. Dave Albo (R-Fairfax) says that Cox might need a "muzzle" put on him.

*Del. "Sideshow" Bob Marshall (R-Manassas) says that the way McDonnell and Company are behaving is "not a prudent way to engage your friends." Sideshow Bob adds, "It's a democracy, not a dictatorship."

*Del. Charles Carrico (R-Grayson) wonders, "why you would push an agenda that wasn't good for Virginia as a whole?"

And on and on it goes.

UPDATE: Damage control! Damage control!

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