Monday, January 25, 2021
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Video: League of Women Voters Candidate Forum for the Democratic Primary...

See below for video from Thursday's HD57 candidate forum, put on by the League of Women Voters of the Charlottesville Area. The candidates, both...

High School Voter Registration Challenge Launched in Fairfax County

Fairfax County’s 30 high schools are eligible to compete in a challenge to register high school seniors to vote—a challenge organized by the League...

Video: Delegates Jim LeMunyon (R) and Tim Hugo (R) Blow Off...

The following video is from today's League of Women Voters candidate forum covering the 36th, 40th, 67th and 86th Virginia House of Delegates districts....

No Backroom Deals on Redistricting, Say the Voters

The Committee on Privileges and Elections of the Virginia House held a hearing on redistricting at Mason Hall on the GMU campus Tuesday evening, 5 October. Chairman Mark Cole, (R, 88th) District, was joined on the panel by Delegates David Albo (R, 42d), Rosalyn Dance (D, 63rd), and Jackson Miller (R,50th). This was one of three pre-redistricting hearings being held around the Commonwealth. Delegate Cole pointed out he intended the redistricting process to be fair, have input from everyone, and comply with federal and state constitutions and laws.  He reminded the audience of approximately 50 that they were not there for a debate, but to listen to voters---- and he did get an earful from the thirteen speakers, I think not all of it to his liking.

Almost every speaker made a point of requesting transparency in the process, and pled for a truly non-partisan (or at least bipartisan) process to replace old-style backroom deals and gerrymandering, a point which did not appear to please Delegate Cole, who sat with his arms crossed during such testimony, although he thanked each speaker graciously for their input.