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Video: Delegates Jim LeMunyon (R) and Tim Hugo (R) Blow Off League of Women Voters Forum


The following video is from today’s League of Women Voters candidate forum covering the 36th, 40th, 67th and 86th Virginia House of Delegates districts. Note who is there – Del. Ken Plum (D-36th), Del. Jennifer Boysko (D-86th), Karrie Delaney (D-67th) and Donte Tanner (D-40th). Note who is NOT there – Delegates Jim LeMunyon (R-67th) and Tim Hugo (R-40th), also Linda Schulz (R-86th). I mean, c’mon…prior commitments or whatever b.s. excuse these guys have is not going to cut it. More likely, they were afraid to face their super-tough Democratic challengers, Donte Tanner and Karrie Delaney. On November 7, if you live in the 40th or 67th House of Delegates districts, tell those Republican Delegates what you think of them blowing off the League of Women Voters by selecting their Democratic opponent!

The following press release is from the Donte Tanner for Delegate campaign, which DID show up today!

Republican Incumbent Tim Hugo a “No Show” at League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

#WhereIsTim? Probably hiding from his egregious voting record

Fairfax County, Va. – Today, 14-year Republican incumbent Del. Tim Hugo deftly avoided voters by being a “no show” at the League of Women Voters VA Delegates forum.


“Where in the world is Tim Hugo?” asks Tanner Campaign Manager, Alex Vuskovic. “I’m not sure, but I know why he refuses to show. Hugo is afraid and unwilling to defend his record. Whether it’s his countless attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, deny 400,000 Virginian’s access to healthcare, or taking over $130k from the predatory lending industry, Tim Hugo has consistently put himself over serving the people of the 40th district.”

Tim Hugo’s opponent, Air Force Veteran and Small Business Owner Donte Tanner, has been all over the district, taking his campaign directly to the voters. He’s running to put service before self, and was frankly a little disappointed he wasn’t able to talk about the issues that matter most to the 40th with his opponent today.

The 40th District spans from Haymarket in Prince William County and goes as far east to Clifton in Fairfax County. Its residents consist of families, small business owners, and commuters who all sent a message to Washington last year when they voted for Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Election.


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