Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Video: Other Arlington County Board Members Pile on John Vihstadt (R)’s...

Arlington County Board member John Vihstadt, the sole Republican on the Board, yesterday demonstrated why he badly needs to be defeated next year. Check...

Video: Overflow Crowd at Arlington County Dems Meeting Hears Legislative Report,...

The anti-Trump energy in Virginia continues, with an overflow/standing-room-only crowd tonight at the Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) meeting listening to a legislative report...

Erik Gutshall, Vivek Patil Announce Candidacies for Arlington County Board

See below for Erik Gutshall's and Vivek Patil's announcements for Arlington County Board (for the seat being vacated by Jay Fisette, who recently announced...

Arlington County Board Chair Jay Fisette Will Not Seek Reelection

A lot of us have been wondering and speculating about whether or not Arlington County Board Chair might run for reelection this year- or...

Video: Arlington County Board Defeats Republican for Vice Chair, Elects Democrat...

Great news from the Arlington County Board last night. A few notes after the video. First, lifelong Republican (er, "Independent") John Vihstadt whined about how...

Must-Attend Event in Arlington for VA Partisans with Terry McAuiliffe and...


This looks like a superb event by the Virginia Partisans being held next Thursday (July 14) evening (7-9 pm) at the home of Arlington County Board member Jay Fisette.

In addition to the remarks by progressive favorite Sen. Donald McEachin and likely Democratic 2013 gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, you also get to enjoy lots of good (Democratic) company and tons of great food (including something called "Mac & Cheese Cupcakes" - intriguing, eh? - plus "Southern Fried Chicken," "Watermelon, Golden Tomato and Feta Salad," "Mexican Cornbread" and "Chocolate brownie bites" for dessert). And, as an added bonus, it's all for an important cause: keeping the Virginia State Senate in Democratic hands, and of course electing as many LGBT-friendly legislators as possible to fight back against Ken Kookinelli's and "Sideshow Bob" Marshall's raging homophobia and general intolerance.

Oh yeah, and if all that's not enough for you...wait, there's more: straw polls for the 30th and 31st State Senate districts. What more could you ask for?  Right, nothing. :)  So sign up now by clicking here. See you there!  

Arlington County Board Chairman Issues Statement on County Manager

The other day, we published some questions for the Arlington County Board on the departure of County Manager Michael B. Brown, as well as on the $110,000 severance payment he received after just four months on the job.  Now, we have some answers, in the form of a statement by County Board Chairman Jay Fisette.  I don't have the statement in writing, but here are the main points from notes I took listening to Jay Fisette over the phone:

*He understands that some clarity is required regarding the severance payment for former County Manager Michael Brown.

*The County Board takes this situation very seriously and assumes full responsibility.

*When it was determined that Michael Brown's fit was not what had been hoped for, he was given the opportunity to submit an official resignation letter.

*"Brown's severance payment was fully consistent with the terms of his contract and was not discretionary. This is a standard provision in contracts for city and county managers."

Overall, I think this makes sense. In fact, one can even say that the Arlington County board was the victim of "no good deed goes unpunished." However, I'd also add that they brought some of this on themselves by not being more forthright, mostly in their attempt to be as generous to Mr. Brown as possible, and also on the rushed timetable they were operating under.  

In the end, it's not like there's some big scandal here, and really there's little for the Republicans to latch onto. Of course, that won't stop them from trying, but something tells me that in four weeks, the end result will be the same as usual, with Democrats riding high in blue Arlington. We'll see.