Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Governor Northam Vetoes Legislation That Would Undermine Access to Quality, Affordable...

Good veto by Gov. Northam: Governor Northam Vetoes Legislation That Would Undermine Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care for All Virginians  RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam today vetoed...

Paul Reagan Drops in on the DPVA Central Committee

 photo ce6a1e75-1ac1-477d-91b4-c3488b79e540_zps52a09d9c.jpgTaking a break from a long weekend of supervising the writing of vetoes in the Governor's office, Paul Reagan stopped by the quarterly Central Committee meeting this morning. He shared some thoughts, getting an enthusiastic standing ovation from the committee members.
  • We vetoed the MIRC becaise it is a sham. It is nothing but an obstacle to Medicaid expansion.
  • We vetoed the Stanley amendment because it purports to restrict an appropriation the doesn't exist.
  • We vetoed $18 million worth of judges because they said that the Governor could not make those appointments if they are not in session. We're for those judgships. We can get the money restored, but they are not going to restrict the Governor's power to appoint.
  • We don't have money for a lavish new General Assemebly building when we don't have money for homeless people.
That said, Reagan bade farewell to a cheering audience of Democrats proud of a Governor who can deal with bush league Republicans. They may have just met the man we elected and they grossly underestimated.
"I think what we saw yesterday was a continuation of what the Governor has done from the very first moment that he got into office. And that is do exactly what he said he would do in his campaign; which was to restore integrity to government, fight for health care, and bring trust back into the state government."

Stoking Voter Fraud Paranoia in Virginia


For some, the only rationalization for an electoral defeat is vote tampering. If they had substantive rather than anecdotal evidence there would be cause for alarm. Instead, the purveyors of this myth use innuendo and predisposition of their audience to convince. Where were these facts in Virginia's legislative debates?

"It is not the people who vote who count; it's the people who count the votes." - Josef Stalin

This is a cause celeb without a justifiable cause. If the integrity of elections were really the concern, the few individual voters who have been prosecuted would not be the focus. The largest Virginia case of tampering did not occur at the ballot box, but in a Registrar's office where 100 or so eligible voters were denied registration. That single case involves many more votes than the few individual cases not to mention the loss in the institutional basis for trust in the process. The legislature did nothing to protect us against the greater demonstrated threat to the legitimacy of the electoral process. Rather, Republicans are putting into practice Stalin's maxim.

Stop Fraudulent Foreclosures, Then Fix The Mess

Finally, the mainstream is noticing a long-term story that's been glossed over: the fact that the famous "Rule of Law' applies only to little folks, not to the banksters and the world financial elite. That is, the masters of the universe, who invented slapdash mortgages "too good to be true," marketed them relentlessly to little folks yearning to own their very own homes, always expected the little folks would never default on their home-based debt (because of their sacred obligation to pay on their mortgage contracts), but the clever masters themselves never ever paid the slightest attention to their own legal obligations in their fancy money-making scenario.

Next, those banksters on Wall Street butchered these contorted mortgages into their various components parts and, based on so-expert quantitative analyses, took the resultant financial junk food and spread the manure far and wide around the globe, all dressed up as securitized and risk-rated "investments" when they actually were casino bets where, of course, the Wall Street insiders had the advantage, insured as the bets were by global insurance companies through so-called derivatives.  When the schemes blew up, we all know how the little folk taxpayers were then dragooned into bailing out the financial geniuses on the theory that only this would prevent a total collapse of Western, no, of the world's, economy.... Now, the other shoe drops.