Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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The Real Deal Meets the Mealy Dealer

Terry McAuliffe is in perpetual motion. On a recent Saturday he swept the breadth of Virginia making four stops talking jobs, energy, and big ideas in general. If you could harness him, there'd be no energy crisis. He may never be Governor, but he's going to leave a mark.

You may or may not know, I actually ran for governor last year. I ran on a campaign of big ideas. I talked about what we should be doing: renewable energy standards, high speed rail, called to shut down every payday lending store...I am the only candidate in the history of the State of Virginia to refuse a check from Dominion I ran on big ideas and I said "if you don't like them, don't vote for me." And they didn't. - Terry McAuliffe

McAuliffe reminds his audiences that since his run for governor, among many issues, he has continued to talk about green projects; he gets laughs when he makes fun of his own affinity for chicken waste. He asks his audiences to consider why Virginia will not adopt a renewable standard and points out that Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Maryland each recently announced thousands of jobs created in that growing sector. It is, he points out, not only a national security issue, these are also jobs of the future. If we are not creating the businesses of the future in Virginia, he concludes, there will be no reason for our children to stay here.  

GOP Fighting to Kill Jobs, Keep Us Addicted to Oil

RoadblockRepublicansNational Public Radio reported last week on how newly-elected Republican governors are pledging to reject federal funding for high-speed rail. Rejecting rail doesn't just mean more congested roads, more reliance on foreign oil, and more polluted air. It means that in Wisconsin, Gov.-elect Scott Walker may kill jobs in his own state:
Caught in the middle of the backlash are workers for companies such as Talgo, a manufacturer of high-speed trains that just opened a new  plant, bringing jobs to Milwaukee.

According to spokeswoman Nora Friend, Talgo will  have 40 employees by the end of November, and it plans to hire up to 125 positions. Friend says the company is now faced with telling its  workers they might be out of jobs when the trains they are making now are completed.

"If we don't have any more orders, then as a business entity, we have no choice but to shut down the facility," Friend says.

The story also highlights the DC media's nonsensical coverage of the national jobs picture. All you hear from pundits is that Obama isn't doing enough to create jobs. But in this & other instances, Republicans are proactively working to block President Obama & Democrats in Congress from creating jobs.

UPDATE: Matt Yglesias wonders if the White House has a plan if the GOP resorts to all-out deliberate economic sabotage.