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by Lowell Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, July 31.  Euro zone GDP plunged by a record...

Virginia Elected Officials, Others React to Trump’s “Desperate” Attempt to “Usurp...

UPDATE 1:45 pm - Response from Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) Spanberger Statement on President Trump’s Suggestion to Delay November 2020 General Election  WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Abigail...

People Talking About How “Bonkers” the Virginia Random Drawing Was Are...

This morning, I got an email from a politically savvy friend from out of state, commenting on how yesterday's random drawing from a bowl...

Live Blog: Virginia Election Results 2017

UPDATE (10:41 pm): One last comment from the evening comes from Ben Tribbett - "We won’t know for sure for a couple days but...

David Roberts Writes the Best “WTF Happened?!?!?!” Post-Election Piece I’ve Seen...

Still trying to wrap your brains around the question, "How the bloody hell did we elect a corrupt, incompetent, authoritarian, bigoted, mentally unstable a**hole...

The Media: Donald Trump’s Sworn Enemy and His Best Friend

During these politically tumultuous times, if you turn on the news for just five minutes, you’re undoubtedly going to see one of two things:...

Another Herring Victory Party Comes Later This Week

Obenshain photo ObenshainatSHD_zps1ce62d10.jpgThe margin might be the closest in US election history and is certainly the closest in modern history. The State Board of Elections certified the results when they convened the fourth Monday in November. The margin is 165 votes out of 2.2 million cast. It's over this Thursday (or Friday at the latest).

Obenshain, because of the margin, is within his rights to petition for the recount. The Recount Court has been empaneled and convened twice. Motions by both camps have been heard. The court has established procedural orders and a timeline for the recount.

Chesapeake, Fairfax, and Alexandria, because of their size, are going to begin today, a day earlier than the remaining jurisdictions in Virginia. Tomorrow, the remaining jurisdictions will begin and those three will continue as required. The State Board of Elections will convene on Wednesday, December 18, as will the Recount Board (to recertify the local results). All the jurisdictions will recount and then the SBE will recanvass the recounts. If there are any ballots in question from the local recounts, it will be the SBE that adjudicates.  

Anyone expecting fireworks during this procedure will be sorely disappointed. This is a very narrow process. The kinds of games that are available in other states are not in Virginia. Barring malfeasance by election officials, any drama would have to be manufactured. By design, the Virginia process is streamlined. In this case, this is the retabulation of the votes that were cast for Attorney General only on election day. Provisional ballots that were rejected will not be revisited nor will absentee ballots that were not counted. By court order, the election officials may not draw down the number of ballots that were cast (they may not reconcile the numbers; yes that is allowed in very narrow circumstances on election day). Machine errors and voter eligibility are not at issue.  

National Election Results Open Thread / Live Blog

The polls are about to close on the Eastern United States.  At 7pm EST we'll see polls close in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and across most (but not all) of Florida.  Virginia is of course, the first of the major swing states to close.  So, to start out the night the big question:  Are "you on your own" or we "all in this together"?


Electoral College Total of Called Races:  Obama 303 - Romney 203.

Update 1:00am:
President Obama's Victory Speech:  

*  "These arguments we have are a mark of our liberty."
*  "Our economy is recovering, a war is ending, and a long campaign is over. Whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to your voice ... and I will return to the White House more determined than ever."
*  The President identifies his Second Term Agenda:  Deficit Reduction, Immigration Reform, Energy Independence.

Update 1:00am:
Mitt Romney concedes, graciously.
Barack Obama Wins Virginia!

Update 12:15:
Mitt Romney is disputing the election results in Ohio, but with the President's victory in Colorado this point is now moot.  With or without Ohio, President Obama has been reelected.

Update 12:00:
President Obama wins Colorado and Nevada.
President Obama leads Virginia and Florida but they are still too close to call.

In an astonishing and pitiful move, the Romney campaign is disputing the Ohio result.  A fitting end to a truly despicable campaign.  

Update 11:12:

Update 11:00:
Obama Wins California, Washington, and his home state Hawaii.

Romney Wins Idaho and North Carolina.

Oregon, Iowa, Nevada Too Early to Call, Leaning Obama

Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado Too Close to Call.

Update 10:00:
Obama wins Minnesota
Romney wins Missouri

Update 9:50: