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Video: Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05), One of the Most Conservative Members of Congress, Says “In two months we’re going to have a new president and…that’s a fact.”

Riggleman: "We've got to stop this conspiratorial thinking too...it's just out of control."


Just keep in mind, as you watch this conversation with Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) yesterday on CNN, that Riggleman’s not exactly a moderate Republican or anything. To the contrary, according to Progressive Punch’s House scorecard, Riggleman is tied for 394th in the House, about 30 from the “bottom” of the scorecard, which means he ranks as about the 35th-most-right-wing member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Of course, Riggleman’s on his way out the door – after being ousted by someone (Bob Good) who’s even MORE to the far, far right than Riggleman. Which really tells you where the Republican Party’s at these days.

Anyway, the bottom line is that, at this point, Riggleman looks like the sane, responsible adult in the room, someone who actually respects our democracy and his oath of office – to support and defend the CONSTITUTION, not a single individual, let alone a scumbag like Trump. With that, here’s what Riggleman had to say:

  • Why are so many of Riggleman’s Republican colleagues either silent or amplifying Trump’s false claims of “election fraud”: “I find it amazing that a lot of people put the man or the woman above the institution. I have no boss, and these representatives have no boss except for the constitution and their constituents…In two months we’re going to have a new president and I think that’s a fact.”
  • Has Riggleman heard from his Republican colleagues that they acknowledge that Trump lost, but don’t want to say it publicly?: “Yes…daggone it, I just don’t understand why we just can’t state a fact…It’s not that big of a deal to say we’ve transitioned to another president, I just don’t understand it.”
  • Are many of Riggleman’s colleagues afraid that Trump will still control their fates, even after Trump leaves office? “Yes…I am very difficult to bully, and I think people need to step up and say we’re not going to be bullied, we serve the constitution.”
  • On right-wing conspiracy theories: “By the way, there’s no ‘sharpie-gate,’ there’s no watermarks, there’s no ballots being burned; we’ve got to stop this conspiratorial thinking too…it’s just out of control.”


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