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Fused with So-called Tea Party, AFP Showcases “Bachmann Overdrive”


While Netroots Nation met in Las Vegas this past week, the so-called Americans for Prosperity held a counter event. Peter Peterson's group populated its event with folks like Michelle Bachmann and Sharon Angle.  Along the way, it also showed that it is fused with the Republican Party and the so-called Tea Parties.  Then to boost itself, AFP tried to pitch the story that it outcompeted Netroots Nation, but that's false.

AFP started RightOnline to counter Netroots Nation, celebrating its fifth anniversary and holds the event each year in the same city as the progressive event.
Telford received huge cheers for saying that with 1,100 registered attendees, RightOnline was larger than Netroots Nation. He said the progressive event had estimated "between 1,000 and 2,000 attendees." But Netroots Nation's official spokeswoman Mary Rickles told TPM that Netroots has 2,100 registered attendees.

Robber Barons Terrorizing Americans

Huffington Post blogger Robert Borosage writes today that the so-called deficit commission is trying to scare and kick old people while they are down.  The oppo rants against the Social Security system are particularly devious because their "solutions" will do nothing to solve the deficit.   Borosage reminds:

Social Security isn't a problem and "fixing" it will have "virtually no impact" on long term deficits, but cutting the modest guaranteed insurance payments for the elderly and the disabled will show bankers we mean business.

Indeed, the robber barons' attacks against Social Security and its recipients are getting worse, we heard Monday on Democracy Now. It's not that we need to be told.  The terrorizing of citizens threat level is at least orange.  The so-called deficit (alternatively dubbed debt, though they are not the same thing) commission is swamping the facts with malicious spin and falsehoods about the future of Social Security. Across the land they infiltrate the media of all types with propaganda designed to have their way with us.  There is a word for that.  It's called economic rape.

Also says Borosage:

Now this makes no sense in policy, politics or morality. Social Security works. It is America's great family protection program, insuring that workers can retire with some dignity out of poverty, helping to insure that parents are not a burden on their children, insuring against disability or the sudden loss of a mate.

What I’ve Been Sayin’ (Tweaks, Not Draconian Cuts, in Social...

For years , including this one, Peter Peterson and his so-called Americans for Prosperity (which really means the top 1% for prosperity), have been crying wolf to bring Social Security down,  either by privatizing it or drowning it in a bathtub.  AFP types populate the president's "Deficit Reduction Commission" too.  But, finally, yesterday, we got a hint of the less onerous tweaks that would actually solve the problem.  And it's generally along the lines of what we've been told by real, reputable economists and non-Friedmanites.

Today the full report was released by the Senate Special Committee on Aging, chaired by Herb Kohl (D-Wis). The report is available here.  If you want to cut to the chase in the 99 page document, you can skip to Page 20-22.  There you'll find a table showing, for example that if you,

Peterson’s Pirates and the So-Called Deficit Commission.

As you saw yesterday here at BV, this week president Obama officially launched (photo-op and all) the so-called deficit commission. And today, Peter Peterson hosted a "Fiscal Summit" in Washington, D.C.  One might ask, is the so-called Deficit Commission Obama's or Pete Petersons?  It's a fair question, first asked by Roger Hickey of  The fact is that both the "Summit" and the deficit commission are "stacked with some of the very people causing this economic crisis." Now these folks want us to follow Peter Peterson off the cliff.  And they'll tell us with a straight face that they just want to reduce the deficit. As Roger Hickey also notes, this comes to us from a man who pledged a billion dollars to "panic Americans to get them to slash Social Security and Medicare."  What a great time to be a senior in America! (Sarcasm.)   Wall Street, and the pols who enabled them, hurt seniors disproportionately and now they want the government to do so too.

Multi-billionniare Peter Peterson co-founded The Blackstone Group.  For many years, he and his colleagues have infiltrated and influenced the corporate media, even and especially NPR. Is it any wonder that other voices are not being heard?  This very morning we heard more of his propaganda on what is supposed to be the people's radio network (as if...).  A couple of weeks ago CNN re-aired the Peterson dis-infomerical, IOUSA, designed to con Americans into handing over the last piece of their financial security, now that their retirement nest eggs were devastated by the negligence and incompetence of some of these very same folks, along with many a Wall Street defrauder. Peterson, and the companies Americans for Prosperity fronts for, only intend for themselves to be prosperous.

Today Social Security eliminationists meet with an all-star cast, including Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan, Judd Gregg and others who share the blame for the decimation of Glass Steagall and the resulting fiscal crisis.  It would be hysterical if it were not so very Milton Friedman-like. Instead of laughing them out of Washington, people are still listening to them?  

(The list of commission members is below the fold.)