Monday, July 22, 2019
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Twelve Days of Christmas for Virginia Democrats: Day One, A Gerrymander!

Don't forget to take the poll at the end on your least favorite part of the Republican gerrymander!

On the first day of Christmas, the Commonwealth of Virginia gave to me ...

A Republican gerrymander in the House of Delegates that is the excuse for everything that goes wrong?

It may seem as exciting as a lump of coal, but the Republican gerrymander in the House of Delegates gets a lot of attention from thankful Virginia Democrats. Why? Because these district lines have become the perfect excuse for the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad performance of House Democrats in 2013.

Manage to pick up only one seat, on net, in the House of Delegates? No worries, blame the Republican gerrymander!

A total of 14 Barack Obama-won delegate districts still held by Republicans, and 16 won by Tim Kaine? Mumble mumble, gerrymandering ...

Terry McAuliffe won 11 delegate districts held by Republican Delegates, and Mark Herring still won 9, but .. Look over there, it's a gerrymander! Run for your lives!

Virginia Democrats Discover a Winning Game Plan for 2010?

It looks like Virginia Democrats may have found a winning political game plan for 2010.
Although Boucher didn't mention his opponents, a number of other state Democrats -- House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong of Henry County, and Virginia Sens. Creigh Deeds of Bath County, John Edwards of Roanoke and Roscoe Reynolds of Henry County -- took shots at Griffith, as well as at other state Republican leaders including Gov. Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

As much as Republicans have tried to pair Boucher with Obama, Armstrong and the three Democratic senators tied Griffith to McDonnell and Cuccinelli, who have drawn national attention -- much of it negative -- since taking office earlier this year.

The four also assaulted Griffith's record in the House of Delegates, painting him as the leader of a Republican majority that's cut education and resisted efforts to restrict electricity rates.

There, in a nutshell, is how Virginia Democrats may be able to stem the "Tea Party" tide and hang on in 2010. Just as we tied Jerry Kilgore, George Allen and John McCain to the unpopular George W. Bush, the strategy this year apparently is to tie Republican Congressional candidates to the GOP's dynamic duo of derangement, Bob "Pat Robertson's Manchuriacn Candidate" McDonnell and Ken Kook-inelli. The beauty of this strategy is that McDonnell and Kook-inelli are the gifts that keep on giving, with new insanity - covering Virtus' bosom, launching a medieval witch hunt against academic freedom at UVA, working to make it easier to discriminate against gays and lesbians, saying that slavery is not "significant" enough to be included in a "Confederate History Month" proclamation, dabbling in "birtherism," naming a guy who defrauded another states' pension funds to head a panel on "reforming" Virginia state government - almost every day.  Combined with an improving economy and better poll numbers for Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, maybe 2010 won't be such a bad year, politically speaking, after all?

P.S. Democrats also might want to tie Republicans to craziness like this.

UPDATE: On a related note, I strongly recommend that you read "Tamara Dietrich: Cuccinelli's sin against climate science". It concludes, " in Cuccinelli's new Unenlightenment, this Age of Unreason, a neo-witch hunt fits right in. Pour on the kerosene, and let the flames begin."