Thursday, August 22, 2019
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What Are Your Target 2011 Races?

 Virginia state and local elections are less than one month away.  What are your top priority races, the ones that matter most to you?  

Here is a list of key races derived from a number of sources. I readily admit my NOVA-centricity here, while encouraging you to pipe up about which races you think merit the biggest investment of time and money.

VA Dems' overall top priority this election cycle has to be maintaining a Democratic VA Senate so we don't lose our last bulwark against Cuccinelli/Tea Party extremism in the Commonwealth. That said, my personal highest priority race this year is Dr. Babur Lateef's campaign to unseat one of Virginia's worst demagogues, PW County Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Corey Stewart.   Stewart gained nationwide notoriety for his anti-immigrant campaign -- as very well chronicled in the 9500 Liberty videos.  Stewart made common cause with racist individuals and organizations to basically cleanse his county of Latinos and other immigrants -- with some success.

If he wins, Stewart clearly has his eyes set on higher office. This, in other words, is our best chance to halt his career before he reaches a point where he can inflict widespread damage on the state, even the country.

On to the VA Senate. With so many races going on, the challenge is in finding the right lens to focus on the ones that will make the difference between a Democratic Senate and Cuccinelli Unbound. A few of those lenses include:

- Races the Tea Party is targeting, including:

Pay Them More, Make It 100% Transparent

Let's face it, the entire system for compensating Virginia General Assembly members if FUBAR.  First of all, it's utterly absurd that House of Delegates members only receive $17,000 a year, and that Senators get only $18,000 a year, for their time and effort. Even if you throw in the $15,000 Ryan Nobles talks about in this story, it's still only $32,000 or $33,000 a year.  How about we increase General Assembly members salaries while making it all completely transparent?  And when I say "transparent," I also mean all the gifts and donations that come from special interests, corporations, lobbyists, etc.  As for this tiny $15,000, just tack it on to their salaries, make it 100% transparent (no more "wink wink", to quote Paul Goldman), and be done with it.

h/t: NLS