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What Does “nanotechnology” Have to Do With Being Jewish? Ask George Allen!


I’m glad to hear that George Allen has finally come to terms with his Jewish heritage. If he had been able to do that during the 2006 Senate campaign, instead of lashing out at the reporter (Peggy Fox) who asked him about it (as “making aspersions” on him), maybe he’d still be in the “wounded sea slug” Senate today. But, as we know, that’s not what happened.

Anyway, it’s good to see Allen talking about his heritage, speaking out against anti-Semitism, and even blowing the shofar. Just one question, though: what does “nanotechnology” (Allen said he found his Jewish heritage “interestingly positive” “because I majored in history and have been a leader for nanotechnology”) have to do with being Jewish?  Maybe because a Jewish scientist first introduced the concept? Other than that, I’m baffled; any ideas?

  • fuzed
  • Dan Sullivan

    George Allen’s mind is a terrible thing to use. So trying to understand it is bewildering. Those kinds of remarks are the kind for which he is famous when he goes off script. Seriously, history begets leadership in nanotechnology?

  • blue bronc

    I think there is a cuteness thing when politicians try to use new words in conversation.  The former Alaska senator and his understanding of the intertubes is a fine example.  Old man McCain and his discovery of e-mail and texting is another.

    Here is an interesting application of nanotechnology.

  • kindler
  • libra

    is that his connection to Jewishness is minuscule, as are his leadership qualities. It makes no sense otherwise.

  • lsockett

    When I read that quote in the news story this morning, I thought G. Allen meant that new, DNA-related technology now allows people to figure out our blood ancestry more readily.