Jim Moran Fires Back: Patrick Murray’s “desperate attacks shameful and misinformed”


    Rep. Jim Moran (D-8th) is taking some serious flak over comments about his Republican opponent, Patrick Murray. According to Moran, “What [Republicans] do is find candidates, usually stealth candidates, that haven’t been in office, haven’t served or performed in any kind of public service. My opponent [Murray] is typical, frankly.”  That statement prompted Murray to call a news conference with military veterans at 12:30 pm today in Alexandria. Obviously, the Murray campaign, trailing badly in the polls with time running out, would like to make these comments by Moran into a major issue.

    We’ll see if Murray’s strategy gains any traction, but I’m highly dubious, for one main reason: voters in the 8th CD know Jim Moran, and they know he’s spent years fighting for troops and veterans. For more on that, see Moran’s press release, which touts Moran’s support for “historic investments in our servicemen, women and veterans” – health care, post-9/11 GI Bill, pay raises, expanded eligibility for VA home loans, etc., etc.  So, yes, Rep. Moran “misspoke” on this one, but he commends Murray’s military service and, indeed, has honored military service and veterans by fighting hard for them for years. Which is why, in the end, Murray’s last minute “Hail Mary” won’t ever make it to the end zone.

    P.S. Another reason why Murray’s attacks won’t work is that voters in the 8th CD know he’s a typical right winger, hanging out with extremists like Joe Miller and Jim DeMint, not to mention Tom DeLay and John Boehner staffers. Can we say “not a good fit for the district?”

    • Good luck selling that line. As usual, 8th district Republicans nominate a candidate no one in the district’s ever heard of, will say anything in a desperate attempt to get noticed & will never be heard from again once the election’s over.  

    • independent in arlington

      …if you think about it.  Why would you accuse Murray of being someone who “hasn’t..served or performed in any kind of public service”?  As many others have pointed out, there is plenty to legitimately criticize about Murray, saying he hasn’t performed any public service is idiotic.  Nevertheless, I suspect that Murray’s chance of winning next week is only a little greater than mine.

    • DanielK

      Politicians to A LOT of speaking throughout their careers and it is even more magnified during the campaign season and they are human and therefore bound to make a few mistakes when they speak where they aren’t able to clearly articulate themselves.  Whenever I hear a politician misspeak or what I believe was a misspeak I’ll go look at the person’s track record.  Jim Moran’s track record in dealing with veterans and military issues while in Congress is the clearest example of why this is a clear example of him not articulating his thoughts better.

      As someone who served in the Marine Corps I consider the military public service and would have a difficult time finding anyone who would argue against it.  I am not offended or angry by the comment or that “this proved Democrats hate the military” blah blah blah…….His track record is so evident with the military that this is nothing more than a desperate attempt to do anything to get some traction. Besides, Republicans are always the party being “pro-military” but they always seem so hell bent on reducing pay, benefits and military strength (DADT).