Omar Samaha Takes on Keith Fimian


    Also, keep in mind the following (from the Connolly campaign):

    Keith Fimian Says College Students Should “Pack Heat”

    Fimian Opposes Closing Gun Show Loophole, Advocates Guns on Campus in Controversial Interview on VT Tragedy

    FAIRFAX, VA – A major controversy has erupted in Virginia’s 11th district as Congressional candidate Keith Fimian is caught on tape advocating guns on college campuses and declaring that college students should “pack heat” to prevent gun violence.  Fimian also stressed his opposition to closing the gun show loophole that makes it easier for criminals to obtain guns by avoiding background checks.

    Speaking to reporter Mark Segraves on Channel 50’s NewsPlus program, Fimian said, “I think at Virginia Tech, if one of those kids in one of those classrooms was packing heat, I think it would not have happened.”  Segraves had asked Fimian about concerns that guns in schools could lead to worse problems.

    “Keith Fimian’s extreme position on guns and outrageous comments about the Virginia Tech tragedy serve to show yet again that he is too extreme for Northern Virginia,” said James Walkinshaw, Connolly’s campaign manager.  “Fimian’s opposition to closing the gun show loophole, his callous lack of regard for the victims of the tragedy, and belief that guns should be allowed on our schools and college campuses are way out of the mainstream.”

    Fimian is also taking heat for his support of packing heat.  A new television ad sponsored by Americans United for Safe Streets — a group independent of the Connolly campaign — criticizing Fimian’s extreme stance on guns features a Northern Virginia family that lost their daughter in the tragic April 2007 Virginia Tech shootings that took 32 lives and wounded many others.

    • blue bronc

      The whole let’s pretend that an 18 y.o. student with a gun would have prevented the killings at any school or church is ludicrous on the face of it. Even trained police officers can be shot and out of action as soon as the killer sneaks up on them.  That happens.  The former cop who shot a killer in the church (a couple of years ago) happened to be alerted and in the right spot. And, after the security guard was shot before she came on the scene.

      Military people in the same situation would have the same problems of getting in to proper position. Combat patrols have everyone already looking and ready to defend themselves and kill bad people, which is much different than sitting in Calc 101 half asleep and jumping up in a stream of bullets from a killer and be the hero.

      Very few people do have the training to be an effective hero in these situations. And those that do will do the job but not to be a hero, they will do it to save others.

      And, these happen so infrequently the hero wannbe will probably have more parking tickets than ever looking a killer in the eyes and blowing his brains all over the wall.

      But the scenario does fall into the Republican pretend world which is from somewhere around the time when they start secondary sexual characteristics. That is a day dream world where the individual boy is going to be a hero and get the virgin girl to have sex with him. To do that he needs to be a hero.

      The best way to be a hero is to have something bad happen and he is the only one not afraid of the bad guy. And in Republican dreams he is manly enough because he has a gun, which substitutes for Republican tiny penises, and he is quick with it.

      Almost everything Republicans rely on have fear as the basis. Be afraid of killers (recently most of them tell of being fans of Republicans such as Beck); be afraid of brown or black or “other” people; be afraid of those who pray to the same god, but do it several times every day; be afraid of the government; be afraid of education, which is why the desire to eliminate education.

      But, with the 18 year old ready to protect those virgins with his big gun all will be right.

      Only Republicans talk so easily and freely about killing other humans.  And, only Republicans talk so easily and freely about attacking Democrats to kill them if they lose the elections. That is more scary than all the phony fear scenarios the talk every day. I am afraid of Republicans with guns.

      A little extra for Friday:

      Training to kill a human is much different than hanging out a generic human outline shape. At firing ranges I see so many hero wannabe’s with their AK-47 or big guns shooting lots of ammo; frequently taking care to be serious about their “training”. You can usually tell the difference between someone who has been trained and is getting some range time in and the pretenders.  Look for someone shooting with their little target set at the 10 or 15 foot mark.  For the most part you are going to be in a gun fight between 5 and 30 feet apart, not 50 or 100 yards. In the military we practiced at 100 or 300 yards because it is better to kill someone far away; you don’t want someone who is trying to kill you too close because they might succeed.

    • The Donkey

      It didn’t work for Janet Oleszek (D) against Ken Cuccinelli (R), nor for Jeanne-Marie Devolitis Davis (R) against Chap Petersen (D) — the last time Mayor Bloomburg decided to intervene in local elections here in Northern Virginia.

      Connolly will probably win this one anyway, thank goodness!

      Thank you Mayor Bloomburg. You really could not have picked a more worthy candidate to oppose than Keith Fimian. Appreciate the thought. Now GTFO of Northern Virginia.