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Keith Fimian Gearing Up for 2013 LG Run?

When we last heard from two-time Teapublican't loser Keith Fimian, he was apologizing for his outrageous comments about how, if Virginia Tech students had only been "packing heat," the massacre there "would not have happened." The problem is, in spite of Fimian's "apology," there's no evidence he's moderated his views on this, or any other, issue. In fact, as Gerry Connolly said at the time, Fimian's gun remarks were "part of a pattern of extreme views on a whole wide range of issues." (See here for his views, including abolition of the U.S. Department of Education, "drill baby drill" position on energy, repeal of the Affordable Care Act, opposition to same-sex marriage, anti-choice, possibly for repealing the Seventeenth Amendment, and even a climate science denier (a position which should, on its own, disqualify anyone from public office).

Based on the positions listed above, Fimian would fit in great in the House of Representatives Tea Party caucus, with their flat-earth, ignoramus views on everything from economics to science. However, it now appears that Fimian won't be attempting another run for Congress in 2012. Instead, the buzz in Fairfax is that Fimian  is currently looking at getting back in the mix of Virginia politics, including a possible run for Virginia Lieutenant Governor in 2013. To this end, and/or to finance far-right candidates in Virginia, Fimian's treasurer in 2008 and 2010, J. Paul Crosby (see the FEC website) -- has filed a Statement of Organization for a PAC (screen shot on the "flip").

Bottom line: After his loss in 2010, many of us thought Keith Fimian was finished, but now he's baaaaack. Why should you care? Well, just imagine Virginia headed by Governor Bill Bolling, Lieutenant Governor Keith Fimian, and Attorney General Ken Kookinelli, beginning in January 2014, and you'll get the idea. Shudddderrrrrr....

Fimian Fails to Do His Homework


In addition to the WTOP debate Lowell discusses below , Democrat Gerry Connolly and Tea Party Repub Keith Fimian also appeared on WAMU's Politics Hour with Kojo Nnamdi today.  

What struck me most about this debate was how uncomfortable Fimian became every time anyone tried to pull him away from what Connolly called his Republican "national partisan talking points".  He clung to those tired old right wing clichés like a baby to its blanket.  Every time anyone raised an issue that diverted from his talking points, Fimian tried to dodge the question and get back to the Karl Rove/Newt Gingrich-approved, poll-tested script.  

When Tom Sherwood asked the candidates what ideas they had to fix the economy other than tax cuts, Fimian said his answer was - cutting capital gains taxes!  (To ZERO for start up businesses.  Heck, why not issue them free brandy and cigars too?)

Abortion?  "...if abortion is your issue, Mr. Connolly is your guy. But if you wanna fix this economy, if you wanna grow this economy, create jobs, get out of the mess we're in and it is now dangerous...I'm the guy. I'm the man to do it. Gerry Connolly is not..."

Gays in the military? "I would rely on the good judgment of our commanders...But, look...[w]hat matters to the voters right now are jobs, the economy and spending..."

Keith Fimian Shows True, Extremist Colors on WTOP

I just listened to about 40 minutes of the WTOP debate between 11th CD candidates Rep. Gerry Connolly (D) and Keith Fimian (R). My overall impression was that these guys don't like each other - at all.  But besides that, I was struck at how extreme Fimian is for this district, and how shocking it will be if he wins next Tuesday.  A few examples:

*While Fimian says his "heart goes out" to victims of rape or incest, he opposes abortion even in those horrible cases. That's right, he supports making a woman carry the child or their rapist to term.  That puts Fimian on the opposite side of about 80% of Americans, according to apoll by Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2010. Wow.

*Fimian tried to wriggle out of his comment that "at Virginia Tech if one of those kids in one of those classrooms was packing heat I think that that would not have happened." According to Fimian, what he really meant to say was that - get this - he was actually talking about security guards. Wait, didn't that quote say "one of those kids?" Security guards,, same thing in Keith Fimian's world.

*Fimian said he's not only against embryonic stem cell research, but that this line of research "shows no promise!" In fact, that's almost exactly backwards; it's the pluripotent nature of embryonic stem cells that make it, by FAR, the most promising avenue for medical research into curing diseases ranging from Parkinsons to Alzheimers to cancer to heart disease to diabetes to paralysis to...well, you get the idea. Apparently, Keith Fimian cares more about days-old embryos that would be discarded anyway than children and adults with diseases that could be cured, but won't be, because of his extremism.

Now, Keith Fimian can try to avoid these issues all he wants, resort to his stale talking points about "Obama and Pelosi" all he wants, but he can't escape the reality that he's an extremist who's far, FAR outside the mainstream in America, let alone in Virginia's 11th district. Think about that when you go to the polls next Tuesday.

Omar Samaha Takes on Keith Fimian


Also, keep in mind the following (from the Connolly campaign):
Keith Fimian Says College Students Should "Pack Heat"

Fimian Opposes Closing Gun Show Loophole, Advocates Guns on Campus in Controversial Interview on VT Tragedy

FAIRFAX, VA - A major controversy has erupted in Virginia's 11th district as Congressional candidate Keith Fimian is caught on tape advocating guns on college campuses and declaring that college students should "pack heat" to prevent gun violence.  Fimian also stressed his opposition to closing the gun show loophole that makes it easier for criminals to obtain guns by avoiding background checks.

Speaking to reporter Mark Segraves on Channel 50's NewsPlus program, Fimian said, "I think at Virginia Tech, if one of those kids in one of those classrooms was packing heat, I think it would not have happened."  Segraves had asked Fimian about concerns that guns in schools could lead to worse problems.

“Why would Keith Fimian resort to lies?”


Actually, the "blogger" quoted by Fimian - which he claims to be "the Washington Post" - is actually not even really a "blogger." In reality, as the Connolly campaign points out, "[Paige Winfield] Cunningham is a blogger for one of a string of conservative websites across the nation created by the North Dakota-based Franklin Center."  The Franklin Center, in turn, "is funded by private donors whose names the organization refuses to disclose," while "the organization's president is Jason Styervak, the former director of the North Dakota Republican Party." The question is, why does the Washington Post allow someone like this in their "local blog network?" Another sign of the Post's decline as a serious newspaper, sadly...

Keith Fimian, Climate Denier

Could one of the most highly educated Congressional Districts in America really elect a candidate who doesn't believe in science?  That, incredibly, would be the case if Keith Fimian beat Gerry Connolly in the fight for the 11th District.

Fimian is part of the wave of Tea Party Republicans who receive not only their money but their ideology, talking points, and conspiracy theories from the oil industry.  The massive oil conglomerate Koch Industries has been shown, as in this devastating portrait in The New Yorker, to be the most powerful known funder behind the so-called Tea Party.  In addition to Dick Armey's FreedomWorks, the Koch brothers have supported Americans for Prosperity, which is spending $45 million, largely in secret corporate donations, to elect right wingers who spout the climate denial theories manufactured by the websites and organizations, like Cato and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, funded by...(wait for it)...Koch Industries!  (See Greenpeace's documentation of the latter here.)

So here is Americans for Prosperity - their prosperity, by the way, not yours - praising Fimian for opposing Democratic efforts to pass climate change and energy legislation.  Does Fimian have his own solution to the ever-increasing evidence of a global climate crisis, or our growing dependence on foreign oil?   Um, no...

Actual solutions are not what you get with Tea Party Republicans.  They're about getting you angry - just angry enough so you don't see the guy in the Brooks Brothers suit behind you picking your pocket.

Keith Fimian Promises NOT to Help the Economy!


Well, this is a new one. Have you ever seen a political candidate actually promise not to help the economy?  Does Keith Fimian have some polling that indicates an anti-economy message plays in the 11th CD or something? Bizarre.

Fimian Campaign Violates Federal Campaign Law?


Not that it's exactly a huge surprise, but it turns out that Keith Fimian's campaign isn't so "grassroots" after all, despite Fimian's repeated protestations to the contrary. In this case, instead of doing what most campaigns do, namely have volunteers put up their campaign signs, the Fimian campaign has hired a private company - landscaping and drywall, to be exact - with a U-Haul truck to do the job instead. It also turns out that these workers were informed by their boss that this is what they'd be doing for the day.

There are at least two problems here.  First, the laborers are being paid by a contractor to work on Fimian's campaign -- that's an illegal corporate contribution.  Second, unless they are "managers or policymakers" at this company, it is illegal for their boss to compel or pay them to do federal "electioneering."  Of course, this is coming from the same candidate who thinks that Congressmen should be given large bonuses if they do their jobs, so what else would we expect?  (still, as Republicans love to say, "what part of 'illegal' don't they understand?")

Anyway, here's the bottom line question: other than the possible legal issues with what the Fimian campaign's doing here, why do they need to hire a private company to put up their campaign signs (and possibly pull down Connolly's)? Don't they have any grassroots supporters at all? Or is the Fimian campaign and its shadowy right-wing allies ditching the "grassroots" completely and instead trying as hard as they can to buy the election?

P.S. The Connolly campaign tells me that the reason they sent someone out with a camera in the first place was because they got reports that a U-Haul truck with a crew of workers removing Connolly signs and replacing them with Fimian signs. It gets better and better!

Fimian Confirms He Wants a Cash “Carrot” For Doing His Job!


Look, I'm not advocating giving a $250,000 bonus if I balance the federal budget. But penalize me if I don't, but if there's going to be a penalty if I don't, give me a carrot so that I will and if I do."
Wow, great idea by Keith Fimian. So, along this line of "reasoning" (using the word loosely), if Congress wins a war (or keeps us out of one), perhaps they should each get a $500,000 bonus? How much for repealing what Republicans call "Obamacare?"  $1 million each?  A new bridge or highway in the district? Definitely a bonus for that. I mean, seriously, the possibilities are endless, now that Keith Fimian has proposed tying Congressional pay to performance. Ah, the Republican way...

Keith Fimian’s Budget Plan: Give Himself a $250,000 Bonus?


I'm sure this idea will go over really well with voters in the 11th CD. Not.

In other Keith Fimian news, check out Fimian's Urban League No-Show Draws Ire of Fellow Republican. You know you're a loser when even your fellow Republicans attack you "for a no-show at a candidate's forum hosted by one the region's leading African-American advocacy organizations, the Urban League." I dunno, maybe Keith Fimian a $250,000 bonus for showing up to events he's supposed to be at?