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McAuliffe Not Interested in Running for Senate if Webb Doesn’t


Not that I ever thought Terry McAuliffe would be interested in running for U.S. Senate, but this clears that up once and for all. For more, see Ryan Nobles’ report.

  • dominic

    There is just something so attractive about that title, instead of ‘U.S. Senator’…though I’m honestly shocked, it is the worlds greatest deliberative body and we all know Terry can talk and talk and talk and talk…

    Well its just a waiting game to see what Webb does…

  • cycle12

    Good afternoon, everyone!  I know it’s probably a little early to be promoting canidates for the Governor of Virginia election in 2013, but this recent interview with Terry McAuliffe was so positive and refreshing that I couldn’t resist commenting on it, and him.

    Not only does McAuliffe explain very clearly that he has no interest in running for the U.S. Senate next year if Jim Webb decides not to run for re-election (which would be a travesty indeed), but he goes on to explain what he’s doing to bring green technology and inexpensive electric cars to the U. S. market from China with his new company, Greentech Automotive.

    This is the kind of visionary, forward thinking, entrepreneurial spirit that we need in our future leaders, and I’m signing up early and enthusiastically to help Terry McAuliffe become our next Virginia Governor.



  • jwsevert

    While Terry can be very impressive, it does seem that he needs to do a few things to demonstrate his Virginia “chops” and to gain a more comprehensive perspective on Virginia government.  I very much hope he’ll consider running for the House of Delegates this year as I believe there is a Republican incumbent from McLean who he could defeat and that he would be a real credit to the Democratic House Caucus.